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At The Honest Courtesan, Maggie McNeill notes a human trafficking propaganda infographic by Haisam Hussein that includes this map, which shows sex trafficking hot spots: This pattern looked familiar… Watch what happens when I overlay the sex trafficking hotspots with another geographic data source. The overlay’s not perfect, because the maps use different projections, but… Continue Reading →

How the Real Professional Human Traffickers Do It

A couple of weeks ago Somaly Mam resigned from the anti-human-trafficking foundation that used to bear her name. (Apparently, it’s changing its branding from the Somaly Mam Foundation to just SMF.) It turns out she had been lying about important parts of her life story, including the part about being sold into forced prostitution. She… Continue Reading →

Boys and Harlots Beware

Sid Davis was a producer of educational films for children in the 1950’s and ’60’s. All the ones I’ve seen were painful to watch, but one of them managed to achieve infamy: Boys Beware (1961), which warns children and parents of the dangers presented by homosexuals. As you’d expect from that description, it’s vile crap… Continue Reading →

Here Come the Naked Rescuers

Hallandale Beach Police have got a great job: The police officer lay face down on the massage table, on duty, unarmed and naked. For 30 minutes Shu Yuan Sun worked the muscles of the officer’s back, his shoulders and legs, and then told him, “Turn over.” And that, said Hallandale Beach Police Sgt. Todd Crevier,… Continue Reading →