About Ken Gibson

KenMordecaiI would like to be either an astronaut or a garbage man when I grow up. (Hmm. I suppose that would make Adam Quark my role model…) Anything that deals with cool machines would do. In the meantime I managed to get an MBA which firmly puts me in the useless third of the population, somewhere below telephone sanitizer.

I’ve worked in sales and information technology, but was always happiest teaching in a classroom. Since my degrees have no value to ELHI students, I’ve taught IT as an adjunct instructor in college undergraduate and graduate programs as well as teaching special workshops.

Basically I get a kick out of trying to understand systems. I don’t have the drive to be able to become an expert at anything but would like to know a little bit about how everything works.

Politically I’m a libertarian who has lost his faith, so I guess I may not be a libertarian anymore.

I live and play in Chicago which is a pretty nice area of the country to be in. It has great food, second only to New York, is bicycle friendly, and has nuclear waste buried in the forest preserves a little outside of the city limits. (Don’t worry, there are markers warning you not to dig.)