Political Science

Obama and Running Away

Allen Clifton at Forward Progressives has a post complaining about Democratic candidates trying to run away from President Obama. He then goes on to list some of Obama’s accomplishments: The same president who has presided over: The creation of over 10 million jobs in less than 6 years. Obama inherited an economic recession. Recessions end. […]

Good Faith, Bad Policy

An interesting discussion broke out in the blogosphere last week. It all started with Andrew Cohen in The Week, complaining about the legal fiction of “good faith.” When I was a young man learning the law, I was taught about the “good faith” in which all public officials are always and forevermore presumed to be […]

The State of the Union in 2013

The official Whitehouse web page on the State of the Union speech asks as to give our responses, so as is the tradition at Windypundit, I have a few thoughts. In a break from tradition, however, instead of posting the whole speech, I’ll just post a few excerpts Tonight, thanks to the grit and determination […]

Election Results 2012

I may have been a little harsh in yesterday’s prediction that “the next four years are going to suck.” That’s what I get for concentrating too much on the Presidential race. It turned out there was some good news last night. First of all, the Republican rape guy lost. Actually, both Republican rape guys lost. […]

Election Prediction 2012

Here’s my prediction for the result of the 2012 Presidential election: The next four years are going to suck. The polls are about even (heh, even in the pointless Dixville Notch first vote), which partisans on both sides are trying to spin as a win for their side. Some of them may even be right. […]

Koch Derangement Syndrome at In These Times

(That title is a bit dog-bites-man, isn’t it?) I’m amused, puzzled, and a bit angered by the stupidity of lefty/liberal/progressive hatred for all things Koch. Mike Elk’s ridiculous piece at In These Times is a particularly confused example: Much has been written about the owners of Koch Industries, brothers David H. Koch and Charles G. […]

Nobody’s Firing Big Bird

I get a lot of political email these days, especially from the Obama campaign. Yesterday, for example, I got one from Stephanie Cutter, one of Obama’s campaign managers. Over the course of this election, we’ve seen that both Romney and Ryan avoid telling the truth about their plans and how they’d actually affect the middle […]

Should I Be the Judge of That?

Remember when I signed up as a Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul in the Illinois primary? Apparently Republicans are very rare in this town. So rare, in fact, that I’ve received a letter from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners asking me to apply to be an election judge representing the Republican […]

And Now Some News From the Alabama Judicial Races

Imagine how awesome it must be to live in Alabama, where voters get to choose their next Chief Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court. On the one hand, there’s the Republican candidate, Roy Moore. He had the job before, at least until a few years ago when he was kicked off the bench. He’s the judge who […]

I Feel a Bit Funny About This

Today I did something that probably would have disappointed my father if he were still alive: I voted in the Republican primary. My father was a yellow dog Democrat. Oh, there were a few Democrats he wouldn’t vote for — such as Tip O’Neill, whom he considered corrupt — but he would never have voted […]

Mark Bennett Throws His Hat in the Ring

Oh my God. Seriously? Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett has just announced on his blog that he’s running for office as a Judge on the Texas Court of Appeals. It even brought Old Man Greenfield out of retirement. The good news is that he’d be a great person to have on the bench. The […]

The State of the Union in 2012

I’m always late to this party — it’s become a Twitter thing — but as has been my occasional custom, here are a few thoughts about the President’s State of the Union address. Obama should, of course, be judged more by his actions than by what he says, but as with anyone in authority, understanding […]

The Totalitarian Moment

The title is not about Mitt Romney winning the Iowa caucus, it’s about Rick Santorum coming in second. I explain my reaction over at Nobody’s Business in this post. If nothing else, watch the three minute video in which Santorum explains why freedom is bad and ask yourself if this is the guy you want […]

A Libertarian Looks at Occupy Wall Street

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve started writing a series of posts about Occupy Wall Street over at Nobody’s Business. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Obama Sold Out

So let me see if I get this right. If I understand the new budget deal correctly, the Republicans got the spending cuts they wanted without any tax increases, and all Obama got was an increase in the debt limit large enough that it won’t need to be raised again until 2013. (I’m ignoring the […]