My Photography Day Bag

Original photography has been a part of this blog for almost ten years. If you’ve met me in real life, then probably at some point you’ve seem me carrying around my camera bag. I thought some of my readers — especially other amateur photographers interested in the kind of photos I take — might find […]

Photos By Jim Jurica

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the process of porting Windypundit to the WordPress blogging engine, and I’m going to need a new site design since this template is specific to Movable Type. I’m using this opportunity to do a redesign. I’ve chosen a new photo for the header, and I’m using it to select colors for […]

When the Camera Matters

Photographers like to tell amateurs that “your camera doesn’t matter.” What they mean by this is that if you want to take nice pictures, you probably shouldn’t get too hung up on the technical differences between cameras. For a broad range of photographic subjects and conditions, the pictures you take with a $5000 digital camera […]

Sketchy “Writer” Posts Dumb Commentary

Over at Gizmodo, Jack Loftus (if that is his real name) is getting all alarmed about people taking pictures in downtown Boston: It’s totally legal and entirely creepy. A gaggle of gentlemen, armed with cameras and an absence of shame, have taken residence in Boston’s Downtown Crossing snapping what they claim are artful “street photography” […]

Photography of Public Buildings Still Legal

As has always been the rule, if you are in a location legally, you can still take pictures of almost anything you can see from there, including federal buildings. And now, here’s an official bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security explaining it. I don’t know it it will really help, or if it will […]

Lightning Photo

I saw this photo of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty and was impressed. It’s a really cool photo taken by photographer Jay Fine, but what impressed me was that it took less than two hours and only 80 shots before he got the photo he wanted. As someone who has spent many hours in […]

Photography Is Not a Crime

A friend of mine sent me a link to a New York Times piece by Randy Kennedy about photographer Mitch Epstein. He’s doing a series of photographs about America’s energy policies, photographing things like gas stations and power plants. As you might expect these days, he gets stopped by police a lot. I agree with […]

Story of a Photo – Texting While Driving

The New York Times has up a story about distracted driving and cell phones. I only skimmed the story—I’m skeptical about the issue, but I don’t know enough to really have an opinion—because I was looking at the picture. Radley Balko had pointed it out in a passing comment: I’m trying to figure out how […]

Meet Rachel Jay

Peek at the portfolio of any hobbyist model photographer working in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and you’ll probably find a picture of Rachel Jay. A marketing manager by day, for the last two and a half years Rachel has been one of Chicago’s busier hobbyist models at night and on the weekends. I’m using […]

Sarah Visits the Uncanny Valley

I just felt like taking my retouching of Sarah Palin one step further too far: (click to enlarge) It looks like the cover of a bad women’s makeup magazine…


I did a photo shoot with a model named Jennifer a few days ago, and it’s weird how photography distorts things. I’ve seen her in person from just a couple of feet away, and she’s a pretty girl, but you couldn’t tell it from some of the photos I have here. Check out this one, […]

A Model Shoot At Six Corners

I just finished a model shoot. I haven’t got any pictures yet, so if you were hoping for some cheesecake, this post will be a disappointment (I’m looking at you, Ken!) I just thought a few people might be interested in how this works, and besides, I need a break from all the law-and-order blogging. […]

A Few Words About Model Releases

I seem to be the answer man lately. A few days ago, somebody asked me how to fight an eminent domain action, and now someone is asking me about modeling releases for photography: Hi Mark, I’m relatively new to photography and have a quick question that I’m hoping you might be able to help me […]

Last Night’s Fireworks

I was out last night taking pictures of the fireworks in the neighborhood. Click here to see the whole fireworks slideshow.

Today I Am A Man

Well, no, just a photographer. A less wussy photographer. Digital cameras capture images using a light-sensitive sensor at the point where the lens focuses the image. In compact fun cameras, it’s sealed away safely inside the camera body, so it stays clean all the time. In a DSLR like mine, however, it can get a […]