The First Rule of Everyone

Much has been written about the so-called First Rule of Law Enforcement, “go home alive.” But this line by ExCop-LawStudent gets it exactly right: I believe in the First Rule of Law Enforcement, but I also believe that our citizens have that same right to go home at the end of their day. That is […]

Liberty Is Not Suicide

Over at Defending Dandelions, “nidefatt” isn’t happy with libertarians like myself and Scott Greenfield. (I don’t think Scott’s ever identified himself as a libertarian, but he sometimes sounds like one.) In an earlier post, he commented on Scott’s constitution-is-not-a-suicide-pact post, and more recently he responded to my own response to Scott’s post: […] The ideas […]

Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship!

Chris Hallquist intrigued me with a recent post about the number of crazy people who think an armed revolution will be needed in the US in the next few years. I’ll ignore the horrible infographic he used at the start of the post for now since I’m currently more interested in his attitude toward such […]

“I’ve got mine, Jack!” Is a Lie

I’ve heard Stephen Colbert summarize the Objectivist mindset — and by extension, libertarian mindset — as “I’ve got mine, Jack!” This is true as far as it goes, but it is also a lie by omission. Consider this story in the Wall Street Journal: There’s no free lunch, goes the old saying. The IRS may […]

Libertarian Society/Socialist Society

Libertarian Society/Socialist Society

Over at Popehat, Patrick is asking readers to come up with a response to this: Patrick’s own response is pretty good: Popehat readers have stepped up in the comments and offered other suggestions, and this one from Erbo is pretty good: (For you young kids, the bottom one is a scene from Logan’s Run.) For […]