Libertarian Society/Socialist Society

Over at Popehat, Patrick is asking readers to come up with a response to this:


Patrick’s own response is pretty good:

Libertarian Society Socialist Society1

Popehat readers have stepped up in the comments and offered other suggestions, and this one from Erbo is pretty good:

Firefly Logan's Run

(For you young kids, the bottom one is a scene from Logan’s Run.)

For my own entry, I figured why go Sci-Fi? We have some examples right here on this planet:

Hong Kong Benxi


5 Responses to Libertarian Society/Socialist Society

  1. I can’t help but notice that all the imagery has to do with fantasy, not reality. That’s as good a description of libertarianism as one of its detractors could hope for.

  2. there is nothing socialist about the dalek society, they are cruel and inhuman, and what is libertarian about firefly!? I think the crew of serenity ist, more or less, generally more socialist than the world around them. and the lowest picture…. folks, seriously, if you show a picture of city centre in one picture and an industrial centre in the other.. sure it looks better, there are frakin’ industrial ruins all over the western hemisphere, just take a look at detroit, northern england or the german “ruhrgebiet”…

  3. Gerrit, Oh, yeah, these are all unfair, including the first one. There’s nothing libertarian about Road Warrior — the scumbags have no respect for property or liberty, and the good guys seem to operate as a collective — it only makes sense to those who think libertarian means lawlessness. Star Trek is arguably socialist, but how it all works is never really explained, probably because it can’t be. These are all just a bit of fun.

  4. Can we start with something closer to reality on both sides? Say, the U.S. in 1944 (not quite libertarian but shitloads closer than now) and Germany in 1944?

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