One Obvious Choice for Attorney General

It’s beginning to look like Alberto Gonzales—our torture-loving, porn-hating, civil-rights-destroying, due-process-ignoring, medical-marijuana-prosecuting Attorney General—is on his way out the door. Soon, President Bush will have to try to find a replacement.

There is only one logical choice.

  • Ken Lammers has been a criminal lawyer in Virginia for several years and has actual trial experience as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. This alone makes him more qualified as the nation’s top law enforcement officer than Alberto Gonzales ever was.
  • Ken Lammers has been mentioned as a candidate for the Supreme Court.
  • Ken Lammers has never been divorced, giving him good family values credentials.
  • Ken Lammers has had his work described as “admirable” by judges in whose court he has appeared.
  • Ken Lammers is ready for the War On Terror. He’s a military-trained interrogator, and he is fluent in Arabic.

The choice is obvious: Ken Lammers for Attorney General.

(Although there is one thing we don’t want coming out during the confirmation hearings…)

Update: I had the news on in the background and apparently the Attorney General has to pleasure the President or something like that…this might not be the sort of job Ken is interested in…

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