It’s Not Anti-Vax, It’s Anti-Force

Why are antivaccinationists so at home with Libertarianism? That’s the question Orac asked last month at Respectful Insolence. It’s kind of an odd question, since the main piece of evidence he discusses is Ronald Bailey’s pro-vaccination article at Reason Magazine, one of the flagship publishers of libertarian thought. Here’s the main point of Bailey’s argument: […]

A Dumb Story About Pee

No here’s a dumb story from Portland, Oregon: When an apparently drunk man peed in a Mount Tabor reservoir around 1:30am last night, he set off an unprecedented chain reaction. A security officer who had been watching the man and his four friends drinking from the reservoir guard tower alerted police, then called on the water […]

Wife and Cat Update

My wife is out of surgery and resting in her room at the hospital. All went very well. The surgeon was able to do the whole procedure using the robot, which means they made only a few small holes, so she’s expected to bounce back pretty quickly. I’m at home for a few minutes to […]

Eradicating a Virus

As all computer geeks know, it’s very difficult to wipe out a virus, and I mean eradicating it completely from the world. The fight against real-world viruses, the kind that attack humans and animals, is much, much more difficult. Viruses have evolved into the most abundant type of biological entity on the planet. The idea of eradicating […]

No Offense

All of this political correctness is making me ill. Now we have to refer to the flu pandemic as H1N1 so we don’t offend the pig farmers, the National Pork Board, or God forbid the pigs.The hell with that.  From now on, I’m calling it FFKAS or the “Flu Formerly Known as Swine”.

Nosocomial Blues

It all started when my 88-year-old father’s home care nurse came to visit and noticed that his left foot looked infected. He has diabetes—meaning an infection in an extremeity could be serious—so she got some kind of medi-car service to take him to the emergency room at the local V.A. hospital. The ER there operates as […]

Got the Fever

When I took my father to the hospital two days ago, he was feeling really bad. He even threw up after getting in the car. While he was in the emergency room getting tests, I drove to a nearby do-it-yourself car wash to clean out the car. I wore latex gloves to avoid catching what […]

At the Hospital Yesterday

There was no blogging yesterday because my father got sick and I had to take him to the hospital. It’s apparently nothing too serious, but because of his age and other conditions, they want to keep him for a couple of days. All I know about hospitals I know from House. The real thing is […]

Your Cell Phone Is Not Killing You

I know a lot of people (you know who you are) who will be happy to hear this: More than a decade’s use of mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain cancer, according to one of the largest studies yet conducted into the link. … The latest study published in the US Journal […]

HIV/AIDS and the Avian Flu

In a previous post I linked to a short note about the early days of the AIDS epidemic. It’s well-written, but I’d like to address a side issue that rubs me the wrong way. The author touches on it in her opening sentence: At a time when the mere threat of avian flu or SARS […]

25 Years of HIV

Alexandra Billings has a moving account of the early days of the AIDS pandemic here in America: At a time when the mere threat of avian flu or SARS can set off a coast-to-coast panic–and prompt the federal government to draw up contingency plans and stockpile medicines–it’s hard to imagine that the national response to […]

Good luck, Virginia

Virginia Postrel shows that libertarians aren’t as selfish as you might think.

Abnormalities of Brain Circuitry (Minicolumns) in Autism

Dr. Manuel Casanova of the Medical College of Georgia has evidence suggesting that autistic people may have certain identifiable structural abnormalities in the brain.. It sounds pretty tentative, and I certainly don’t know enough to evaluate it, but it’s fascinating if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (Hat tip: Marginal Revolution)

…From My Cold, Dead Hands.

They’ve sued the tobacco industry and are starting to sue the fast food industry. Now the Vice Squad stirs to life to comment on what’s probably the next big health panic. Caffeinated drinks.

Fast Food Predation

Here’s an unusual way to demonize fast food: In the battle against childhood obesity, well-intentioned government policies that encourage healthy eating face a daunting challenge from the proliferation of fast-food establishments right outside the schoolhouse door, a new Chicago-based study shows. The median distance from any Chicago school to the nearest fast-food restaurant is about […]