Ten Years of Fuckery

Someone named Payson just left a comment on a very old blog post. It starts this way: Hello, happy 2015. I have never heard of this website but out of rage I googled “sprint is a fucking piece of shit” and this came up. I don’t blog and I rarely leave comments on anything. However, […]

Some Tortured Thoughts

Well, the CIA torture report is out. And for the record, it’s pretty depressing that I now live in the kind of country that has a torture report. I’d heard about some of this stuff before, but some of the details are shocking. The rectal feeding, for example, is not a normal medical procedure, and […]

The Threats Are Real, But the Danger…Not So Much

I play video games pretty regularly, but except for the occasional threat of government censorship, I’m not much interested in the politics of gaming, and I’m certainly not interested in the politics of gaming reviews or of identity-group-based game criticism. Which is why wrote about a game instead of writing about GamerGate. (Although…is anybody concerned […]

George Bush is History’s Greatest Monster

George Bush is History’s Greatest Monster. No, not W — he’s another matter — I’m talking about his father. I just finished using an auger to unclog a toilet for what must be the 200th time since we had to replace our old, reliable toilet with one of the low-flow models. We used to have […]

Joel’s Still Got It

Over at Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield has a nice tribute to the late Joel Rosenberg — gun rights advocate, science fiction author, husband, father, and one-time Windypundit co-blogger. When Joel died, Scott wrote a simple eulogy, which was recently visited by an anonymous commenter calling himself “Bill”: I’m glad this fat, POS is dead. Joel […]

Former TSA Head Admits the TSA Sucks

According to Kip Hawley the TSA’s airport security system is broken: Airport security in America is broken. I should know. For 3½ years–from my confirmation in July 2005 to President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January 2009–I served as the head of the Transportation Security Administration. You know what Kip? Fuck you. You’re part of the […]

The Dangerous Fantasy of Attacking the Cops

Martin Luther King’s holiday seems to be as good a day as any to talk about how we should respond to police barbarism. It’s no secret that a lot of people with libertarian leanings aren’t happy with the way the United States seems to be turning into a police state. As a reminder of the […]

I Find a Flaw in Apple’s New iPhone 4S

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the iPhone 4S. I’ve had my iPhone 3S for a couple of years now, and although it’s been pretty cool, it was beginning to show its age. Some of the newer apps are a bit sluggish on my less-than-leading-edge hardware, and my phone doesn’t have the iPhone 4’s WiFi […]

I Thought These Stupid Coupons Had Been Eliminated

In my email this morning, I got this notice about a proposed class action settlement with Verizon Wireless due to some alleged misdeads in the way they handled roaming charges. The beginning part sets the scene, but note the bits I’ve highlighted: A proposed settlement has been reached with Verizon Wireless (“Verizon Wireless”) in a […]


After reading about Jennifer’s ambition to “touch every U.S. citizen,” I was randomly poking around the Department of Homeland Security website when I stumbled on this horrifying headline: Secretary Napolitano Announces Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign Partnership with D.A.R.E. America Oh God. The DHS and D.A.R.E. That’s a partnership forged in the pit of hell. I can smell the […]

Prosecutor Scott Andringa Tried To Put a Paraplegic Man In Prison For 25 Years For Having Too Many Pain Pills

Let me be perfectly clear about this: Scott Andringa tried to put a paraplegic man in prison for 25 years for having too many pain pills. This happened a few years ago, and obviously the story is a bit more complicated than I can summarize in that one sentence, but that’s basically what happened. The […]

More Reasons Why the TSA is the Worst Agency Ever

Jennifer Abel gets off a good rant explaining part of the problem: Should’ve left well enough alone. Should’ve stayed off-line. But no-I checked a couple of news websites instead and read something which must’ve shown on my face, for my boyfriend asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” I snapped in the same tone of voice most people […]

An open letter to

Dear, I hope you die. I hope you die violently. I hope people rise up and tear you apart piece by piece with their bare hands as you scream in tormented agony. Nah, just kidding. However, I just saw your repulsive promotional video. Maybe killing innocent men, women, and children in the name of […]

Betrayed By Our Local Governments

One of the most disgusting aspects of the current economic unpleasantness is the way our local governments have betrayed us. Instead of tightening the belts like the rest of us, they’ve been trying to find new ways to squeeze money out of us to meet their bloated payrolls. Here in Illinois, the cost of license […]

Polanski Questions

About the only good thing I can think about in the whole Polanski fooforaw is that it gives folks who wouldn’t otherwise have had one an easy opportunity to stake out a not particularly morally difficult or brave position against middle-aged guys raping young girls, and in favor of said assholes being given appropriate punishment for […]