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Windypundit On WordPress

This is it, the new WordPress version of Windypundit. There are lots of tweaks and changes still to come, but I think I can go ahead and make the switch now and worry about the details later. Some of you may have noticed that Windypundit was off the air for a while. Yeah, well, it […]

Hiding from Satan’s Radio

I’ve read several articles about the Texas school district being sued for their policy of forcing students to use an ID card embedded with “tracking” technology. The religious freedom angle seems dubious at best (though in Texas you never can tell), but I was surprised by the number of people worried about technology to “track” […]

Thanks For All That Food

Just had a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner at some friends’ house. Filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and ice cream. Feeling sleepy…trying to stay awake by doing stuff on the computer…not going…to…make…it…

Moving to WordPress – Part 3: Blogroll

I’ve been blogging about the experience of moving Windypundit from Movable Type to WordPress. In Part 1, I described the process I developed for moving over all the posts. In Part 2, I talked about the development of the new Windypundit site. The one thing I still had to do was to re-create the blogroll […]

Moving to WordPress – Part 2: New Website

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve given up on Movable Type as a blogging platform, and I’m moving this blog to WordPress. In Part 1 I explained why moving 10 years of blog posts with minimal link breakage was a lot of work. Of course, I’ll have to have some place to move […]

Chicago To Pay For Not Watching the Watchers

Five and a half years ago, when the beating of 24-year old bartender Karolina Obrycka by Chicago Police Officer Anthony Abbate first made the news, I argued that the beating itself wasn’t the real news story: …It is rumored that some cops offered Obrycka a bribe if she would back off, and then threatened to […]

Election Results 2012

I may have been a little harsh in yesterday’s prediction that “the next four years are going to suck.” That’s what I get for concentrating too much on the Presidential race. It turned out there was some good news last night. First of all, the Republican rape guy lost. Actually, both Republican rape guys lost. […]

Obama Wins, Markets Do Something

It’s easy to make fun of “up-down” financial market reporting, which is why I do it. Every day, some poor fool pretends to understand why thousands of investors made millions of of decisions about billions of dollars and boil it down to a single cause, such as “profit taking,” “hunting for bargains,” or “declining investor confidence […]

Election Prediction 2012

Here’s my prediction for the result of the 2012 Presidential election: The next four years are going to suck. The polls are about even (heh, even in the pointless Dixville Notch first vote), which partisans on both sides are trying to spin as a win for their side. Some of them may even be right. […]

Rita Hayworth Stayin’ Alive

There’s a guy out there with a serious Rita Hayworth fixation and way too much time on his hands who likes to cut together pieces of her movies into music videos for popular songs which he posts on YouTube. On the one hand, it’s kind of a weird obsession. On the other hand, it’s why […]

Lance Armstrong: Evil Or the Future of Sports?

I’ve been staying away from the Lance Armstrong mess because I don’t follow sports and I haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening. However, a few days ago at Ethics Alarms, Jack Marshall tore into a Washington Post op-ed in which Professor Braden Allenby argued that the sporting world should allow performance enhancing drugs. Jack […]