Moving to WordPress – Part 3: Blogroll

I’ve been blogging about the experience of moving Windypundit from Movable Type to WordPress. In Part 1, I described the process I developed for moving over all the posts. In Part 2, I talked about the development of the new Windypundit site.

The one thing I still had to do was to re-create the blogroll in WordPress.

I suppose I could figure out a way to port it over like I did the posts, but I think creating it by hand is probably faster. Besides, I need to do some blogroll maintenance. I think I’m going to simplify the categories. I also need to update it to reflect a few changes in the neighborhood.

I’ll start with the new additions, which will appear in the blogroll after the switchover.


A hilarious blog about appellate law. No, really.

Cafe Hayek

An occasional stop of mine for random economics quotes and other bits in the Hayekian tradition.


Links to fantastic stories with economic angles. Worth a read even if you don’t think you’re interested in economics.

Accursed Farms

Ross Scott’s amazing Half-Life themed machinima.

The Ancient Gaming Noob

“Wilhelm Arturus” writing about multi-player online gaming.

Booker Rising

Shay Riley, black libertarian. No, really.

Charlie’s Diary

Science fiction author Charles Stross. Lots of thought-provoking stuff here.

That’s all the new people for now, but I’ve got some tidying up to do, and a few removals. Among other things, I’m going to make some of the descriptions a little more, er, descriptive.

Virgina Postrel

Virginia used to be the editor-in-chief of Reason magazine and her editorials were a huge influence on my thinking. She’s one of the reasons I started blogging. She’s not terribly prolific these days, but always worth reading. She actually calls her blog “Dynamist Blog” so maybe I should use that name too.


An interesting source of information about warfare and national defense, but not a read-every-article blog. It moves to the Resources section.

The blog on that site is actually called “The Speakeasy Blog” so I should probably change it.

The D’Alliance

Seems to be down. I’m striking it from the list.

Vigil for Lost Promise

This is Pete Guither’s site listing victims of the War on Drugs. It’s his response to a DEA advertising campaign. It used to be a separate site, but it’s now part of his main blog, and it looks like no one has been added to the list lately. I’m going to remove it from the list.

Not Guilty

That’s Mirriam Seddiq’s blog. She writes well about legal and social issues but not nearly enough. I didn’t tag her blog “A lawyer in search of a clue” because she’s stupid but because for a while she was always blogging about how she couldn’t figure out what to do with her life and career. Now that she seems to have settled in as both a solo lawyer and a mother, I should probably change it.

Marc Randazza

Randazza also gets a new tag. I believe his official title is now “First Amendment Badass.” And I should use the real name of his blog, which is Legal Satyricon.

Blonde Justice

Sigh. The Blonde One has been missing in action since March. But if Gothem can wait 7 years for Batman to return, I can wait a little longer for Blonde Justice.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog

This one’s apparently named “Trial Theory” now.

Google Blogoscoped

Philipp Lenssen has been off the air for over a year now, but he’s a friend of the blog and he helped me with some ideas in the early years, so he stays a little longer.

Steve Landsburg

Landesburg’s blog is actually called The Big Questions, and I should link to the blog not the main page.

Megan McArdle

Megan has moved to Asymmetrical Information at the Daily Beast, so I’ll link to her there.

That’s it. The blogroll is done.

And that’s the last major hurdle for porting the blog. Just a few more tweaks, and I’ll run the port process one more time and switch it over. Maybe over Thanksgiving.

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