Checkpoint Friendly

I just bought a new laptop computer, and now I’m looking for a backpack with a padded laptop compartment, so I don’t break my new toy in the first month. So as I’m looking on Amazon and reading reviews, I notice that a lot of laptops are labeled “Checkpoint Friendly,” meaning they open up easily so they can be scanned at the airport.


When pundits first started complaining that TSA searches were a way to teach the population to be submissive, I thought it was an overreaction. I thought the TSA’s search policy could be explained by panic and stupidity. Now I’m beginning to wonder.

I mean, what’s next? See-through clothing so they don’t have to pad you down? Transparent car trunk lids, so the cops don’t have to ask you to pop the trunk? Houses pre-wired for bugging by the FBI? An increase in sales of douche and enema kits so our odor won’t offend when we get strip searched?

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