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iPhones, Foxxconn, and Hypocrisy

I’ve been meaning to write something about the recent criticism of Apple’s use of the Foxxconn factory in China, but now I don’t have to, because my co-blogger Rogier has just posted a great piece about it over at Nobody’s Business. So go check out The iPhone owner’s guide to liberal hypocrisy. I guarantee that […]

The State of the Union in 2012

I’m always late to this party — it’s become a Twitter thing — but as has been my occasional custom, here are a few thoughts about the President’s State of the Union address. Obama should, of course, be judged more by his actions than by what he says, but as with anyone in authority, understanding […]

A Tale of Two Police Shootings

In 2009, when a Fairfax, Virginia police officer shot and killed an unarmed man, the police department refused to identify the officer who pulled the trigger. When reporter Michael Pope asked a few questions, Fairfax County Police Public Information Officer Mary Ann Jennings became obstinate: When asked why her department won’t even release the name […]

The Dangerous Fantasy of Attacking the Cops

Martin Luther King’s holiday seems to be as good a day as any to talk about how we should respond to police barbarism. It’s no secret that a lot of people with libertarian leanings aren’t happy with the way the United States seems to be turning into a police state. As a reminder of the […]

Blogroll Maintenance

It has been pointed out that my blogroll is deficient, so it’s time for a few additions, corrections, and deletions. First of all, one of my regular daily stops is the Honest Courtesan, written by retired call girl (and Nobody’s Business guest blogger) Maggie McNeill. She’s a good writer with mad research skills, and her blog takes […]

Speak Up For Sex Workers

Over on the Twitter, retired call-girl Maggie McNeill is urging some of us bloggers to join her campaign to make every Friday the Thirteenth a day to speak up for the rights sex workers. She think’s it’s especially important to get support from outside the sex work community: A number of advocates are working to respond […]

Mount What?

Over at Ethics Alarms, Jack Marshall writes: Most of all, I do not understand the persistence of the myth that a college education can, does, or should qualify a graduate for good job, when it appears that a large percentage of students, if not a majority, leave the campus unable to write, think, or name […]

Another Drug Raid, Another Pointless Death

One of the themes I keep hitting over and over here at Windypundit is that SWAT raids for drug crimes are a bad idea. Of course, I think the whole War on Drugs is a bad idea, but fighting that war through an endless series of armed home invasions is a plan that will only […]

The Totalitarian Moment

The title is not about Mitt Romney winning the Iowa caucus, it’s about Rick Santorum coming in second. I explain my reaction over at Nobody’s Business in this post. If nothing else, watch the three minute video in which Santorum explains why freedom is bad and ask yourself if this is the guy you want […]

Come Together

This is kind of awesome: New Year’s Eve party at Mala Restaurant in Wailea, where the audience got to hear “Come Together” as performed by Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and…you won’t see this coming…Weird Al: Note that Weird Al is the only one who knows all the words. There are worse ways to start the […]