Blogroll Maintenance

It has been pointed out that my blogroll is deficient, so it’s time for a few additions, corrections, and deletions.

First of all, one of my regular daily stops is the Honest Courtesan, written by retired call girl (and Nobody’s Business guest blogger) Maggie McNeill. She’s a good writer with mad research skills, and her blog takes a frankly libertarian approach in advocating for the rights of prostitutes and other sex workers. Also, now that she has declared me a Friend of Whores in her blogroll, I feel guilty about not having added her to the blogroll already.

(Marital tip: I told my wife about this right away. Being declared a “Friend of Whores” is really the sort of thing you want to get out in front of.)

I could have sworn I’d already added Eric Mayer at Unwashed Advocate (formerly Military Underdog), but he wasn’t on the list. He is now.

I often thing Jack Marshall is very, very wrong, but his Ethics Alarms blog is usually thought-provoking and has been a continuing source of Things to Blog About.

I’m an on-again/off-again player of EVE Online, and one of the best blogs covering spaceship-to-spaceship combat is The Altruist, by Azual Skoll from Agony Unleashed.

Lindsey Beyerstein has stopped blogging at Focal Point (which I have removed) and is now blogging at Duly Noted.

What little I know about cryptography, I learned from Bruce Schneier’s books, and I’m a regular reader of his blog Schneier on Security, which is about more than just computers.

WolframAlpha gets added to the resource page.

Marginal Revolution was listed in two places, but is now listed in one less place.

Pete Guither’s Drug WarRant has moved, as have Norm Pattis, the Underdog Blog, and Seeking Justice.

Kip Esquire isn’t blogging at A Stitch in Haste anymore, The D’Alliance is closed, and Jamie Spencer has stopped blogging at Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer. Woman of the Law is long gone. As is The Matlock Blog.

Blonde Justice hasn’t blogged in about half a year, but she gets a pass. has been replaced by a squatter page. 

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