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Today in Superhero Politics…

Way to go, Obama and the Democrats. And the Republicans. Now we’ve lost Superman: Superman has started a stir with a declaration in the new issue of “Action Comics” that he intends to renounce his U.S. citizenship because he’s tired of his actions being construed as instruments of U.S. policy. The folks at D.C. explained: News of […]

How To Win the Fight For Freedom in America

I have an actual specific plan for how just a few hundred people can turn the tide of freedom in this country. Details in my latest post at Nobody’s Business.

On To the Even Bigger Obama Scandals…

Now that President Obama has apparently released his long-form birth certificate and thus demonstrated his willingness to respond to whatever accusation has got the crazies riled up, I think it’s time for us to press the issue on an even bigger Obama scandal. I’m talking, of course, about his socialist/communist leanings, his coddling of left-wing dictators, […]

It’s a Fake!

It was produced in Area 51 by the aliens who are taking over the world by using the UN to destroy democracy in an evil plot that is being fought against by agents of the Pope who is using the Democratic Party to shift Papal agents into the United States as illegal Mexicans so he […]

Paper Books Becoming More Expensive

Here’s a fun fact: The free market, combined with poorly written computer algorithms, means you might have to pay $23,698,655.93 (plus $3.99 shipping) for a book about flies at Amazon. Read all about it at Michael Eisen’s blog it is NOT junk.

Windypundit: Now With Less Libertarianism!

That’s right, from now on, Windypundit will have considerably less libertarian content. No, it’s not that I’ve converted to mainstream politics. It’s just that from now on, I’ll be posting most of my libertarian rants over at the new Nobody’s Business blog. The original Nobody’s Business blog was created by Rogier van Bakel, and named […]

Wife and Cat Update

My wife is out of surgery and resting in her room at the hospital. All went very well. The surgeon was able to do the whole procedure using the robot, which means they made only a few small holes, so she’s expected to bounce back pretty quickly. I’m at home for a few minutes to […]

Not Feeling That Easter Spirit

No, I’m not having a Happy Easter. My wife has major surgery tomorrow, and my cat is dying. I’m not exactly feeling God’s love right now. I don’t want to go into too much detail out of respect for her privacy, but my wife’s medical problem is not at all life threatening. She’s just got […]

Happy Easter!

For those of you not familiar with it, allow me to fill you in on the details about this annual event called “Easter”. Easter is a series of rituals celebrating the Great Jewish Zombie Uprising of 33 A.D. That uprising is described in one of the Holy Books of the followers of the Great Zombie […]

Track Me if you Can

Everyone is all aflutter about the news that Steve Jobs knows where you have been. Since that Earth-shattering bit of news, a lot of bloggers and reporters have pointed out how other software within the iPhone can do the same thing without the user realizing it, and how the Android devices do this as well. […]

Not So Gaga Over Weird Al (Update x4)

Breaking news from the music world today as Weird Al Yankovic reveals that “Perform This Way,” his parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” will not be released on his next album because Lady Gaga has refused to give her approval. So you’ll know what you’re missing, the Weird One has released it on YouTube: […]

The Non-Myth of the Innocent Civilian

One of my more useful sources of things to blog about is Ethics Alarms, where professional ethicist Jack Marshall regularly blogs about a variety of current events from sports to politics to economics. This alarms some of the lawyers who read my blog, because they say that contrary to what he’d have you believe, Marshall […]

It’s a Convoy!

Yesterday NASA awarded development grants to four corporations for development of human-rated space transportation systems (spaceships). Here are the big winners: $22 million went to Blue Origin, best known for its intricately detailed corporate logo (as well as its founder, Jeff Bezos of fame) which has a creative vertical take-off and landing system which […]

A Sad Gray Day in Geek City

It’s a gray, rainy day in Chicago and somehow that’s fitting my mood right now. Elisabeth Sladen (aka Sarah Jane Smith) died after a battle with cancer today. As a kid I had a crush on Sarah Jane. Heck, I had a crush on her as an adult when I saw her again in the […]

Four Star Body Shop

By the way, the body shop that repaired my Toyota RAV4 after the goose strike incident is the Four Star Body Shop run by Loukas Pergantas. They’ve been repairing bits and pieces of my cars for about five years now, and they’ve always done a great job. And when it’s something that I’m paying for […]