On To the Even Bigger Obama Scandals…

Now that President Obama has apparently released his long-form birth certificate and thus demonstrated his willingness to respond to whatever accusation has got the crazies riled up, I think it’s time for us to press the issue on an even bigger Obama scandal.

I’m talking, of course, about his socialist/communist leanings, his coddling of left-wing dictators, and most damning of all, the Joseph Stalin tattoo on his left testicle.

Think about it, people: The Whitehouse has NEVER released photos of President Obama’s left testicle. In fact, in all the years Barack Hussein Obama has been in the public eye on the national level, the LEFTIST NEWS MEDIA has never once shown us a picture of Obama’s left testicle or interviewed people who’ve seen it. And despite the surprisingly large number of results when you Google “Obama’s left testicle”, I was unable to find ANY pictures of his left testicle anywhere on the internet, even after several MINUTES of searching.

Clearly, if Barack Hussein Obama wants to demonstrate that his Presidency is not a USURPATION, he MUST show the world his LEFT testicle. Otherwise it proves he loves Joseph Stalin.

Your move, Barack.

One Response to On To the Even Bigger Obama Scandals…

  1. Your Marxist fixation on testicles just proves you have been duped by the fascists who pressured Jan Brewer into vetoing the Birther Bill in Arizona which would have allowed state officials to demand circumcision certificates from candidates.

    Even that bill didn’t go far enough since, with Photoshop, such documents can be easily forged. I call for a state bill requiring all presidential candidates to drop their pants, in person, in front of all polling places to PROVE they are qualified for the job.

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