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Scattershot 2009-03-30

Things I’d tweet about if Twitter allowed longer messages: When you take several law enforcement agencies and throw them together into a drug task force, it tends to enhance thuggish behavior. However when the WestNET task force of Kitsap County, Washington launched a drug raid against the home of Bruce and Pamela Olson, they did manage […]

Scattershot 2009-03-27

Things I might have tweeted about if I “got” Twitter: Damn Microsoft! My Windows system crashed—full Blue Screen Of Death! All I was doing was running Windows XP booted off a RAID disk array that’s not supported directly by Windows, accessing an Office document from an encrypted virtual disk mounted out of a container file on a […]

Scattershot 2009-03-25

Things I would have tweeted about if I used twitter…and had more than 140 characters: Crimlaw blogger Ken Lammers, now with 50% more badass. Must not hate all cops…must not hate all cops… Sex offender registration—not just for sex offenders anymore. Apparently, shaking hands is now reasonable suspision: The undercover officers, located approximately 10 to […]

As They Say, Blogging Will Be Light…

A few years ago, my father went into the hospital and came out bedridden. Since then, my mother has been his primary care giver. She gets some assistance from a home care service, and my wife and I get over there a couple of times a week. Looking back, she started getting tired a month or […]

Welcome To the Blogroll, Jennifer

I don’t usually announce new additions to the blogroll, but maybe it’s time I start. The libertarian world first noticed Jennifer as a commenter on Reason magazine’s Hit&Run blog, where she could usually be counted on to say something intelligent and snarky. Jennifer’s actually a professional writer, with columns published in the Hartford Advocate and […]

Dozer and Ripley

Tips For a Gunfight?

Last night, my wife told me that at her company party today they’re going to be playing laser tag, and she’s pretty sure that a lot of people are going to be gunning for her. I don’t really know how the game works, and my knowledge of combat pistolcraft is more theoretical than practical, but […]

Thinking About the Bailout

I know I still owe my readers a post on what can go wrong with the stimulus, but I found something interesting about the bailout. Kip Esquire posts the following context-free tweet: If A owes B $2, and B owes C $2, and C owes A $2, and nobody has any money, then the required […]

A Police Shooting, Terra, Tranqs, Weather Alarmism, and Nuclear Bombers

Random shots around the web: Radley Balko is tracking yet another police shooting of an unarmed person during a drug raid. The police aren’t talking about it, which is usually a sign that they screwed up and are trying to get their story straight. As usual, they haven’t released the name of the shooter. The […]

The Triumphant Return of Friday Catblogging

Yeah, it’s been a while, but I thought it was time to hop back on the catblogging train. This week, a brief introduction to the cast: More photos of the kitties coming next week. Update: The Friday Ark is up. Update: Kip blogs about his dog Diamond.

EFCA and Secret Ballots

I disagree with a lot of what Lindsay Beyerstein writes, but she’s still one of the most thoughtful people on my blogroll. However, she gets a bit goofy when it comes to labor unions. Consider yesterday’s post about the Employee Free Choice Act: Management groups object to majority signup (aka “card check”) for the simple […]

Stuck In Computer Limbo

A couple of weeks ago, my main computer started crashing. Sometimes Windows would just hang, not responding to the keyboard or mouse, and sometimes I’d walk in to find it sitting there displaying the Blue Screen of Death. This happened two or three times a day. I’m running a pair of Seagate Barracuda 500GB hard […]

Fatal Distraction

I just read a story in the Washington Post that’s going to stay with me a long, long time. It’s by Gene Weingarten, it’s brilliantly written, and it will break your heart. You have been warned. The story is about people who have accidentally left their babies in their cars in the heat, with fatal […]

Pluto and the Final Stage of Grief

I’ll tell you, I didn’t have much Love for the Pluto haters. But I’ve come to accept the truth of it. Pluto crosses the orbit of Neptune, it’s tilted out of the ecliptic, there’s other crap all around it, and it’s small—almost as small as its moon, which doesn’t even orbit a point inside Pluto. […]

The Thunderwear Story

Life does drift, and the discussion over at SJ that Mark links to led to a digression into tactical pens, tactical pants, tactical shirts, and tactical underwear.  (For those of you who have never tried to pronounce the phrase, “tactical pants,” please do try it; it’s almost impossible to say without giggling.) Which reminds me […]