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Consequences of Gay Marriage

Heh. Gideon pinpoints the horrible consequences of gay marriage.

Obama Derangement Syndrome Roundup – Part 4

[Arg, the formatting of this got screwed up, and I have no idea what it originally said.] I’ve got a few more bits of Obama Derangement Syndrome to report. Phase One: The Obama Invasion Something called the We The People Foundation (which is definitely going on the ODS watch list) is planning to run an […]

Why Government Sucks

One Chicago suburb has a plan to improve its budget next year: The Village of Maywood increased the liquor license fee for liquor stores from $1,875 to $10,000 to pay for additional police presence around these establishments. … Village officials say the increase is needed “to offset police services and enforcement activities and other costs […]

Scott Andringa – The Name You Know

I just recently discovered a web site for the Law Offices of R. Scott Andringa in Clearwater Florida. His About Us page has an interesting bit of information (emphasis mine): After beginning his career as a misdemeanor prosecutor in the State Attorneys Office in Clearwater, Florida he was promoted to Misdemeanor Lead Trial Attorney. He […]

Thank You Blawgosphere

The only posts I’ve got in the pipeline are an announcement about a nasty little web site I’m building and a followup to my series on prositution. Somehow, neither of those feels right for Thanksgiving Day. So today I’m posting about how thankful I am for the legal blogosphere (or, if we must, blawgosphere). Windypundit‘s […]

Sometimes things end for the best. Maybe.

I’ve been following the pi — discussion among various folks in the legal blogosphere that was kicked off by this, among other things.  You’ll find one part of it here. I find all this stuff fascinating, for a variety of reasons, but it is an acquired taste. For those who haven’t hung around, any, either […]

“Nothing to see; move along now,” in four steps

Step one: Walk into any gun shop, and take a look at the empty spaces on the shelves where EBRs/Evil Black Rifles/Semiauto Assault Weapons/Scary-looking long guns used to be.  Watch the remaining ones fly off the shelves, and people place backorders.  Or just read reports by folks who have done just that.  There’s plenty; here’s […]

When is a Sex Offender not a Sex Offender?

People are sometimes shocked that I’m wary of laws requiring sex offenders to register. How could I possibly object to alerting communities about rapists and child molesters? Because the laws are written by grandstanding legislators, and grandstanding legislators are often stupid and callous, and stupid, callous legislators are a much greater threat than some sex […]

Jim Ramstad as Drug Czar?

I’ve been avoiding commenting on Obama’s rumored picks for his administration. I figure there’s no point speculating how bad they might be when in a few months we’ll know for sure how bad they are. However, I really have to say something about the rumors he wants to put Jim Ramstad in as Drug Czar. […]

Open Carry: Threat or Menace?

This is hard to watch, as there’s stupidity all around, but I do think it’s instructive. I’m not a big fan of open carry, mind you, but I know that some folks are. While, on balance, I prefer to be discreet, as I think there’s real disadvantages to open carry, most times, most places, there […]

Randazza Meets the TSA

Marc Randazza lives an interesting life: They open the bag, and see that I’m traveling with exactly one t-shirt, one toothbrush, one pair of socks, a pair of underwear, and 50 porn movies, which they lay out on the table one by one. Whole story here.

Privacy Thieves on the Subway

A few days ago the Washington Times had an editorial about the new random bag search policy their police are using on the Metro subways. It was mentioned in Flex Your Rights email message I just received, and while I normally don’t jump at stories this old, the cluelessness is so astonishing I had to say […]

Typealyze This

The folks behind the Typealyzer web site claim to be able to analyze the text of a blog and determine things about the personality of the author, and presumably the readers as well. I ran it on Windypundit and here’s how it describes us: ISTP – The Mechanics The independent and problem-solving type. They are […]

Pirates of the Somali Coast

A couple of posts ago, I asked why the navies of the world aren’t trying harder to stop the Somali pirates. Yesterday, I had dinner with a friend of mine who follows world events more than I do (and who I’m trying to talk into co-blogging) and he had an answer that explains a lot. […]

That’s D-r-a-u-g-h-n

This whole Interweb thing continues to amaze me. Last night I get home and there’s a Facebook friendship invitation from a guy I knew in grade school. That was thirty years ago. My first thought, I swear, was that I must have really made an impression on him because he still knew how to spell […]