Obama Derangement Syndrome Roundup – Part 4

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I’ve got a few more bits of Obama Derangement Syndrome to report.

Phase One: The Obama Invasion

Something called the We The People Foundation (which is definitely going on the ODS watch list) is planning to run an ad in Monday’s Chicago Tribune (and again on Wednesday) that is an open letter to President-Elect Barack Obama, asking him to produce evidence that he is a natural born citizen. They describe it this way:

The Open Letter to Mr. Obama is a formal Petition for a Redress (Remedy) for the alleged violation of the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution of the United States of America. Mr. Obama is respectfully requested to direct the Hawaiian officials to provide access to his original birth certificate on December 5-7 by our team of forensic scientists, and to provide additional documentary evidence establishing his citizenship status prior to our Washington, D.C. press conference on December 8.

By way of background, the WPF site explains the legal implications of their letter:

As a formal “Notice of a Constitutional Violation,” the Petition naturally includes the People’s inherent Right to an official Response. As a time-sensitive, election related Petition involving the Office of the President, failure to Respond as requested would constitute an egregious breach of the public trust and confirm the certainty of a Constitutional crisis.

A First Amendment Petition to any official of the Government for Redress of a violation of the Constitution is substantially different from the garden-variety political petitions frequently received by government officials. This Petition demands it be given the highest priority for an expedited review and official Response by Mr. Obama.

I’ll bet this why all those crimlaw bloggers I read are always complaining about losing motions. They aren’t filing a formal Notice of a Constitional Violation! They’re probably using the informal Notice of Constitutional Violation, or not even filing one at all, the lazy bastards!

And oh-by-the-way,

The Obama Evasion

Yeah, but will they come when you do call for them?

Each member of the Electoral College, who is committed to casting a vote on December 15, 2008, has a constitutional duty to make certain you are a natural-born citizen. As of today, there is no evidence in the public record (nor have you provided any) that defeats the claim that you are barred by law from assuming the Office of President because you fail the Constitution’s eligibility requirements.

All state Electors are now on Notice that unless you provide documentary evidence before December 15, that conclusively establishes your eligibility, they cannot cast a vote for you without committing treason to the Constitution.

The author, Robert L. Schulz, clearly enjoys his imaginary power over Barack Obama as he calls Electors from the vasty deep:

You are under a moral, legal, and fiduciary duty to proffer such evidence. Should you assume the office as anyone but a bona fide natural born citizen of the United States who has not relinquished that citizenship, you would be inviting a national crisis that would undermine the domestic peace and stability of the Nation. For example:

  • You would always be viewed by many Americans as a poseur – a usurper.
  • As a usurper, you would be unable to take the required “Oath or Affirmation” on January 20 without committing the crime of perjury or false swearing, for being ineligible you cannot faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States.
  • You would be entitled to no allegiance, obedience or support from the People.
  • The Armed Forces would be under no legal obligation to remain obedient to you.
  • No civilian in the Executive Branch would be required to obey any of your proclamations, Executive Orders or directives, as such orders would be legally void.
  • Your appointments of Judges to the Supreme Court would be void.
  • Congress would not be able to pass any needed legislation because it would not be able to acquire the signature of a bona fide President.
  • Congress would be unable to remove you, a usurper, from the Office of the President on Impeachment, inviting certain political chaos including a potential for armed conflicts within the General Government or among the States and the People to effect the removal of such a usurper.

I have no idea if that’s what Obama’s mother did, and I freely admit I’m not a lawyer, let alone an expert on the legalities of citizenship, but I’m pretty sure that no third party can revoke your U.S. citizenship on your behalf, not even your mother.

  • In 1965, your mother legally relinquished whatever Kenyan or U.S. citizenship she and you had by marrying an Indonesian and becoming a naturalized Indonesian citizen.

provided by the campaign was an original. It’s simply the the document the government of Hawii issues when you ask them for a birth certificate, and like everything else, it was printed by a computer.the documentThere’s something fascinating about the author’s decision to italicize “computer generated.” Nobody has ever claimed that

Representing thousands of responsible American citizens who have also taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, I am duty bound to call on you to remedy an apparent violation of the Constitution.

Compelling evidence supports the claim that you are barred from holding the Office of President by the “natural born citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution. For instance:

  • You have posted on the Internet an unsigned, forged birth form created in 2007, a form that lacks vital information found on any original, hand signed Certificate of Live Birth, such as hospital address, signature of attending physician and age of mother.computer-generatedand thoroughly discredited,

The WPF’s open letter itself, available here, is a fascinating read, mostly because of the style:

Phase Two: The Obama Usurpation

, but they still need money for the trip?Chicago Tribune can afford two full-page ads in the WPFHuh. So

We are now in the process of selecting the forensic scientists who would travel to Hawaii to examine Mr. Obama’s original birth certificate (assuming he responds to the Petition for Redress by directing the Hawaiian officials to provide access to the birth certificate).  The budget for this task is currently estimated at $20,000. We need to raise the money quickly. Unfortunately, we are starting from zero and we have but one week before the scientists would need to be in Hawaii.

who asks:Illinois Review by Fran Eaton at postI heard about this goofy ad in a

What are your thoughts about this effort?  Is this whole thing just a hoax or is it a credible concern?

:savaged in a marvelous wayA commenter named Grover rightly ridicules Fran for this feeble evasion of responsibility, and is then

Grover, I take it you a left wing nut loon…

It’s the the law of the land and the Prophet O MUST produce “Competent evidence” … Proof or he’s not prez


see Us Constitution
it reads as follows…

“Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.
“(Article II., Section 1.,Clause 5.)


To the liberal elite, have no respect for the law if the law stands in the way of their socialist agenda.

Well that’s totally convincing. Despite the “Prophet O”, the weird capitalization, and the random links, it’s clearly the other guy who’s the loon.

That first link, by the way, is just nolo.com’s definition of “competent evidence,” and the version of the constitution at the second link has different capitalization from the quote. Also, the real Constitution doesn’t have section labels.

4 Responses to Obama Derangement Syndrome Roundup – Part 4

  1. “Dirty Pool” at the Supreme Court apparently on behalf of Obama currently usurping YOUR Constitution: Leo Donofrio’s companion case, brought by Cort Wrotnowski, with fuller/better briefing showing Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen” reportedly has been sidetracked to the anthrax lab to deprive the full Court from seeing those filings in connection with Donofrio’s case this Friday, Dec 5, 2008. DO SOMETHING AMERICA!!!

  2. Dear Chicago bloggers,

    Are the Chicago bloggers missing the story of a lifetime in their own back yard? Please investigate the following facts.

    I’ve sent the following letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago almost two weeks ago. Guess what…NO REPLY!!!

    Chicago bloggers do me a favor please and go knock on Randall Samborn’s door and ask him “How’s their investigation of Obama’s forged government document proceeding?”.



    Here’s my letter:

    November 25th, 2008

    To: Randall Samborn and Attorneys of

    United States Attorney’s Office
    Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division
    219 S. Dearborn St., 5th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604


    Dear Mr Samborn and Attorneys,

    It has come to my attention that a forged government document is being displayed on an internet website which is registered in your jurisdiction. The website is http://fightthesmears.com and the document is the alleged certification of birth of Barack Obama. The owner of this website,

    Obama for America
    233 N. Michigan Ave
    Apt 2416
    Chicago, Illinois 60601,

    claims that the document is genuine and is engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the citizens of the United States. With the forged government document and the associated conspiracy, the owners of the website stand to fraudulently gain political power and wealth at the expense of the truth and the American people.

    Here is an internet link to an expert on document forgeries who is commenting on this fraudulent document found on the FIGHTTHESMEARS website: http://www.obamaforgery.com/

    Here is an internet link to more facts about the forged document:


    Your department, of course has jurisdiction under the Interstate Commerce clause and other articles of our Constitution and the U.S. code, with your department having the legal authority to investigate such crimes. Please do investigate these evidences and facts which alone are sufficient “probable cause” to seek court orders and further investigative authorization.

    I encourage you and your associates to uphold your sworn duties to the American people, enforce the laws, and defend the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. What will history say of your office, if it finds you derelict in duty; where you should have acted but did not?

    I am willing to sign any complaint or paperwork required by your office. I look forward to your timely response. Thank you.

    Most Sincerely,

    Kerry J Hodgkinson

    PS- This is a public letter and will be disseminated to interested persons in the media.

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