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Des Plaines TIF: BP Gas Station

This BP gas station is another of the businesses that the Des Plaines City Council is calling “blighted.” Located on the northwest corner of the intersections of Rand and River roads, it’s very nearly at the center of the TIF district. (Visit the previous Des Plaines entry .)[Update: Visit the next Des Plaines entry.]

Broken Promises

John Ruberry, the Marathon Pundit, just did some actual reporting about the veterans’ scholarship scandle at the University of Illinois. This didn’t sound like much of a story when I first heard about it. The University of Illinois had offered 110 scholarships to Illinois veterans for the night MBA program in downtown Chicago. A bunch […]

Too Good – Lady, R.I.P.

My 13 year old dog Lady was diagnosed with a bladder tumor 7 months ago. She was the best dog, always eager to please. She did a very good job of hiding her discomfort, trying to carry on as normally as possible (between peeing). She barked happily when my wife and I came home, ate […]

Pupkiss, R.I.P.

A few weeks ago, my friend Cindy’s cat Bootsy passed away. Her other cat, Pupkiss, has had severe kidney problems which Cindy has nursed her through for two years. Last week Pupkiss’s health took a turn for the worse, and Cindy had to make the decision to let her go.

Des Plaines TIF: Geiser-Berner

I’ve got hundreds of photos from the Des Plaines River-Rand TIF, and it’s about time I posted a few of them. I’ll start with this batch from Geiser-Berner Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Its owners, Robert Janczak, Ed Lehman, and Scott Olson are among the more outspoken opponents of the TIF. Their shop is a […]

There’s No Need To Fear…

Underdog is Here! And I’m so there. When I was a child, I used to watch that show when I could work up the nerve. The villain’s evil schemes just creeped me out, and the level of peril for the hero and Polly were far too intense for me to bear. I suspect it will […]

Got the Fever

When I took my father to the hospital two days ago, he was feeling really bad. He even threw up after getting in the car. While he was in the emergency room getting tests, I drove to a nearby do-it-yourself car wash to clean out the car. I wore latex gloves to avoid catching what […]

The Mark of the Gay

A few days ago, Kip Esquire posted a fascinating thought experiment. Imagine that whatever biological mechanism it is that makes some people gay also produced a clear and unmistakable sign of its presence, such as a birthmark on the forehead. If you see a person with this mark, you know they’re gay. Children with the […]

At the Hospital Yesterday

There was no blogging yesterday because my father got sick and I had to take him to the hospital. It’s apparently nothing too serious, but because of his age and other conditions, they want to keep him for a couple of days. All I know about hospitals I know from House. The real thing is […]

Why We Must Leave Iraq Now

Via Lindsey Bayerstein comes this link to photographs of U.S. soldiers receiving care at Walter Reed Hospital. (The whole Washington Post article is here). If you prefer something more abstract, check out As I write this, there are 3133 confirmed U.S. war dead. Here’s a list of all of them. The same site shows […]

Ghost Rider – Review

I saw Ghost Rider this weekend. There are spoilers coming after the jump…

Barry Cooper and the Flex Your Rights Foundation

All week long, I’ve been covering the story of Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted Again video and of the reactions to it from various places, especially the folks at the Flex Your Rights Foundation. The difference in approach is fascinating. I didn’t say much about it in my review, but Barry Cooper is fun to […]

The First Helpdesk Incident Ever

If you work with computers, you have to see this. Unfortunately, you have to read the English subtitles at the top. (video link) (Hat tip: Glenn)

Friday Fun Link

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the leading contenders for the office of President of the United States: (Click for Video) (Hat tip: James Taranto)

The Surge Is Not the Plan

Everyone who’s talking about Iraq is talking about “the surge” and whether it will work. Taken literally, that’s a silly question. Of course the surge will work: The surge is just a troop movement. It’s difficult to move 21,500 troops—and everything they need to fight a war—to the other side of the world, but it’s […]