Just Say No to Inhalents

The Drug Czar’s blog, in a post about YouTube videos showing people using inhalents, links with some approval to the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, which features a poster with these words:

Sniffing Correction Fluid Can Stop Your Heart

If you sniff to get high, you’re inhaling poisons that do definite damage. So stop. Before your heart does.

You may be surprised to discover that this is an anti-drug message I agree with.

Even a harsh street drug like meth or heroin is pretty closely related to chemicals that have genuine medical uses. To be sure, heroin is not morphine, and meth is seriously not Sudafed, but these are, nevertheless, drugs.

A lot of the chemicals in inhalents, on the other hand, are industrial solvents or alkanes that are hazardous chemicals. There’s nothing medical about them.

So kids, listen up. Don’t do inhalants. They’re very bad for you. If you want to get high, use a safe drug like marijuana or ecstasy.

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