Ogmeet 2006: Day 2

[Day 1 was here]

On Saturday a few of the Ogmeet 2006 crowd went shooting, but I didn’t get any pictures from that. 9-frickin’-am on a Saturday morning is way too damned early for me. By the time I got going, it was way too late.

I did make it to Klas for dinner, though.

It was mostly just dinner and conversation, and not really a picture-taking event. I did get a somewhat nicer picture of Leslie:

And here’s Zonker from Thunder and Roses and Tammi from Tammi’s World (that’s Tammi on the right):

Zonker and Tammi
Larger ImageZonker and Tammi

I didn’t get to talk to these next two guys much, but here’s Biloxi from The Republic of Biloxi and That 1 Guy (a.k.a. Beerbrains Joe) from Drunken Wisdom:

That 1 Guy
Larger ImageThat 1 Guy

Finally, here’s the whole gang. Og, without whom none of this would have been necessary, didn’t want his picture taken, so I’ve only got this shot of his back (in the black shirt).

Ogmeet 2006
Larger ImageOgmeet 2006

The photo gallery is here.

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  1. I’m so glad you were there for dinner Saturday evening. It was a pleasure to meet you – just wish we would have had a chance to chat more.

    Next time – and I’m sure there will be a next time!

  2. It was truly a delight to meet you, too! I’m almost afraid to send people here to see your photos, as they’re so gorgeous you may become designated an official blogmeet photographer. In fact, you ARE the official OG-meet photog, so there!

  3. Thanks very much! I try. I’m looking for any excuse to use my cool new camera, so being the official photographer of almost anything works for me. Always happy to take a few shots. Have camera, will travel.

  4. Wow! Great photos – thanks for sharing. I’m heading to my first blogmeet in September in Georgia and I can’t WAIT!

  5. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for posting these as I was finally able to see blog family members in the flesh.

    BTW, would you mind sharing what camera you’re using? Thanks!

  6. The photographer makes the pictures- not the camera! And those pictures are great. it doesn’t HURT to have a rocking cool camera- and I have to say I’m a little jealous. Of course, I’m a film geek.

  7. I used my way-cool Nikon D200 with the 18-200 VR street zoom. It’s a great toy and I hope to be able to do some serious photography with it as I get better.

    And thanks for the compliments, Og.

    At the risk of being immodest, I think Og’s mostly right about the camera not making a huge difference. A better camera gives you a lot more options and makes a lot of things faster, but you can find really great pictures all over the web that were taken with pocket cameras.

    On the other hand—although I’m not claiming any great artistic skill—if you were to try to take these pictures with a $300 point-and-shoot camera, you probably couldn’t. It has nothing to do with megapixels, however.

    The biggest single difference between these photos and the photos from a pocket camera is that I have an external flash and can bounce the light off the ceiling. The result is far more natural than the head-on flash of a pocket camera which tends to make people look fat, flat, and washed-out.

  8. ALL cameras make me look fat, flat, and washed out. Because I AM, fat, flat, and washed out. Having a camera with an external flash that can be remotely aimed is one of the things that has kept me out of digital. Maybe they’ll get wise to this in the digital market eventually, but as far as I know, not one digital camera under $600 even HAS a remote flash connection.

    I’m really sorry we didn’t have more chance to yap, Windy, I’m sure we’d have talked cameras until noon the next day.

  9. Great pictures Mark, I too wish we’d had more time to chat but being at opposite ends of the table made it rough. I like the way you were able to highlight the back of my follically challenged pate in the mirror! Great time and we all must meet again. Great site here.

  10. Sorry I’m so damn late, Mark. I suck at keeping up right now…

    Anyway, it was good to meet you, but I wish I could have spent some more time visiting with you. You’ve got some really greats pics here!

    Hope to see ya at another one of these!

    Take care.


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