Jeff Fest 2006

Jeff Fest
Larger ImageJeff Fest

I stopped in at the Jeff Fest (a.k.a. The Jefferson Park Community Festival) on the northwest side today. It’s one of the many festivals going on this summer in Chicago.

(My photos can also be seen as a slideshow without the commentary.)

Getting a Ride
Larger ImageGetting a Ride

Here’s Chicago’s most famous Elvis impersonator:

Rick Saucedo
Larger ImageRick Saucedo

A few more sites around the fest:

Camera Girl
Larger ImageCamera Girl
A Couple Enjoying the Show
Larger ImageA Couple Enjoying the Show
Tasty Goodness
Larger ImageTasty Goodness
Girls Posing for Me
Larger ImageGirls Posing for Me

Lots more photos after the jump…

Larger ImageRelaxing
Love the Shirt
Larger ImageLove the Shirt

I used to have a shirt like that.

Concert Crowd
Larger ImageConcert Crowd

That crowd is watching Rick Saucedo, Chicago’s most famous Elvis impersonator. That sounds kind of hokey, but Rick is the real deal. He’s played Elvis on Broadway, and he’s released 11 records. He has a great voice and a lot of entertaining original material. His music was a terrific background to my festival visit.

Rick Up Close
Larger ImageRick Up Close
Rick's Drummer
Larger ImageRick's Drummer

No comments for the rest of these pictures. I hope you like them.

A Couple Of Guys
Larger ImageA Couple Of Guys
Another Couple
Larger ImageAnother Couple
A Couple of Girls
Larger ImageA Couple of Girls
A Woman's Best Friend
Larger ImageA Woman's Best Friend
A Girl's Best Friend
Larger ImageA Girl's Best Friend
Fun With Face Painting
Larger ImageFun With Face Painting
Another Kind of Body Art
Larger ImageAnother Kind of Body Art
Balloon Girl
Larger ImageBalloon Girl
Girls in the Crowd
Larger ImageGirls in the Crowd
Camera Guy
Larger ImageCamera Guy
Heading For the Gate
Larger ImageHeading For the Gate

The whole collection can also be viewed here or seen as a slideshow.

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