A Verdict of Innocence?

Over at Fault Lines, Andrew Fleischman has a post about the idea of letting a jury determine actual innocence. It’s an interesting post — worth a read — but when I read the headline I thought of something a bit different. Criminal defense attorneys complain about the difficulty of getting a jury to understand the… Continue Reading →

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Going Dark

I’m going dark in an hour or so. In preparation for the big move tomorrow, I’m about to shut down and pack up the home computers and tear down our internet connection. Shortly after posting this message, for the first time in over 15 years, my wife and I will no longer have broadband internet… Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party Memes

The Libertarian Party has been a real hoot this election. I think everybody is familiar with Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters promoting his candidacy with the “Feel the Bern” meme. Naturally, Libertarians have their own version for Governor Gary Johnson. It’s exactly what you think it is.   I think my favorite Libertarian meme (so far)… Continue Reading →

Confuse the Record

Hillary Clinton is the secret love child of Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow who became the brain-eating zombie Queen of planet Zorg before traveling back in time to marry Bill Clinton and kill Vince Foster with her retractable poisonous fangs because he was about to reveal that she was conspiring through a private email server to use… Continue Reading →