Libertarian Party Memes

The Libertarian Party has been a real hoot this election. I think everybody is familiar with Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters promoting his candidacy with the “Feel the Bern” meme. Naturally, Libertarians have their own version for Governor Gary Johnson. It’s exactly what you think it is.   I think my favorite Libertarian meme (so far)… Continue Reading →

Confuse the Record

Hillary Clinton is the secret love child of Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow who became the brain-eating zombie Queen of planet Zorg before traveling back in time to marry Bill Clinton and kill Vince Foster with her retractable poisonous fangs because he was about to reveal that she was conspiring through a private email server to use… Continue Reading →

More About the ExxonMobil Fishing Expedition

A little more information has come out about that suspicious investigation that produced the seemingly abusive subpoena to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, asking them for a crapton of documents related to CEI’s work on climate change, presumably in connection with the investigation into ExxonMobil’s alleged lies to investors. The Washington Times has a copy of… Continue Reading →

IBD Discovers the Earth’s Temperature Changes

Since I’ve been picking on climate change activists for their legal policies, I figure I should take a turn picking on global warming deniers for their misstatements about climate science. Case in point, an unsigned editorial in Investor’s Business Daily titled “Father of Global Warming Admits: It Used to Be Hotter Than It Is Now.”… Continue Reading →