More About the ExxonMobil Fishing Expedition

A little more information has come out about that suspicious investigation that produced the seemingly abusive subpoena to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, asking them for a crapton of documents related to CEI’s work on climate change, presumably in connection with the investigation into ExxonMobil’s alleged lies to investors. The Washington Times has a copy of… Continue Reading →

IBD Discovers the Earth’s Temperature Changes

Since I’ve been picking on climate change activists for their legal policies, I figure I should take a turn picking on global warming deniers for their misstatements about climate science. Case in point, an unsigned editorial in Investor’s Business Daily titled “Father of Global Warming Admits: It Used to Be Hotter Than It Is Now.”… Continue Reading →


For several months now, I’ve kind of been planning to vote in the Republican primary here in Illinois, just so I can vote against Donald Trump. As the day finally approached, however, I gave it a little more thought and realized there was a better way to use my vote. (It may not be worth… Continue Reading →