Down With The Donald: A Manifesto

As I was writing this post, I happened to receive an email message that began this way: From: Committee to Restore America’s Greatness To: Mark Draughn (Windypundit) Subject: Donald Trump Needs Your Help DONALD TRUMP NEEDS YOUR HELP THE WASHINGTON DC INSIDERS, SPECIAL INTERESTS, LOBBYISTS AND A HANDFUL OF SELF-INTERESTED BILLIONAIRES PLAN AN ALL-OUT PAID… Continue Reading →

A Small Orange, WTF?

For the last few years, this blog has been hosted on a smallish Virtual Private Server (VPS) at A Small Orange. I had originally started with a typical shared hosting account, but one of the sites I was hosting for a friend started getting a lot of traffic, and I needed something a little beefier… Continue Reading →

Haiduk Steps Up On Possession

Kane County criminal defense lawyer Matt Haiduk has posted a response to my earlier post about the strangeness of the crime of possession, in which he address both of my scenarios and makes a few additional points. In response to my hypothetical stranger-hands-me-a-duffle-bag scenario, Matt has some legal advice: From a strictly legal standpoint, you… Continue Reading →

In Which the U.S. Government Gives Me Free Stuff

The good news is that the United States government is going to give me three years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection absolutely free. The bad news is that in March of 2014 the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management got hacked. The OPM cybersecurity team didn’t detect the hacking until April of the… Continue Reading →