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A Day On the Job

I’m working at one of my clients’ offices all day today. It’s “Disco Friday,” meaning everyone is supposed to dress in Disco-esque clothing. I’m not partaking. I don’t have the music in me.

Actually, unless I see somebody in Tony Manero’s white suit, I have no idea what dressing like Disco means. The last time I worked in an office, it was an engineering environment that was almost all guys. We all dressed about how you’d expect. My client is a human-resources-type company with a lot of women. I look at them, and they seem to be dressed a little bit flashy, but I can’t tell if that’s Disco, or if they just dress that way.

They have other days like “Ugly Shirt Friday” and “Fuzzy Bunny Slipper Day” which got me thinking: If I ran a company—the Windypundit Media Empire—what sort of special days could I have for my employees?

A few ideas:

  • Three Hour Lunch Tuesday
  • Redesign The Website For No Reason Day
  • Bring Your Guns To Work Monday
  • Multiplayer Halo Tournament Day
  • Leave At Noon Friday

Any other suggestions?