Website Review

Sour N Sweet

I just discovered Sour N Sweet, a silly little blog with a bunch of silly little stories. I am sick. The kind of sick that makes the thought of consuming anything other than ginger ale and Jell-O a scary proposition. With our household’s Jell-O supply depleted last week by the previous host to the virus […]

Crime and Federalism

[Update: The authorship, content, and style of this blog has changed dramatically since my review.] Here on Windypundit, I rant about civil liberties and legal issues and frightening police behavior. Because of these interests, I end up reading a lot of blogs by criminal defense attorneys. However, I’ve noticed that these attorneys themselves don’t rant […]

Vice Squad

One of the sites I visit pretty frequently is Jim Leitzel’s Vice Squad. The blurb on the site describes it as Explorations of public policy concerning alcohol, nicotine, other drugs, prostitution, gambling, pornography, …. Jim Leitzel is the Associate Director of Public Policy Studies (or something like that) at the University of Chicago. He’s an […]


[In my quest for regular content, I’m starting a new feature in which I write about some of the websites in my blogroll.] If I ever have the misfortune of getting arrested in Virginia, I know exactly who my first phone call is going to: Ken Lammers. He runs the CrimLaw blog and writes most […]

Citizen ICAM

I’ve added a new link in the Resources section to Citizen ICAM, the Chicago Police Department’s online map of recent criminal activity. It’s nice to see that my neighborhood is still remarkably free from criminal activity. When they first put this up, you could also use it as a shopping guide. Are you planning a […]