What’s Illegal About the Bowe Bergdahl Trade?

Could someone explain to me why people think it was against the law for President Obama to trade five prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been held by Taliban forces for years? I understand that Congress has passed a law that requires him to notify […]

More on the Liberal Argument for Conscription

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Unreal Liberal Argument for Conscription, which is basically that the U.S. would be less likely to engage in military adventurism if more people had skin in the game because their children could be drafted. My response was essentially that without the ability to force young men […]

The Unreal Liberal Argument for Conscription

I’ll always have a warm spot in my heart for the liberal/progressive mindset because I grew up in the immediate aftermath of the 1960’s. The era brought lots of changes for the better — the free speech movement, the expansion of civil rights, Miranda and Gideon — but the one that most vividly affected me […]

Stupid Muslim Fundamentalists?

When first I read the news that Muslim fundamentalists in Egypt were attacking the U.S. embassy in protest to a movie about Mohammad, my immediate reaction was that they were idiots. Someone, somewhere in the United States made a movie insulting their religion and they’re getting violently pissed off at the embassy? What a bunch […]

Enslaving Our Kids

Over at Nobody’s Business, I finally get around to responding to Thomas Ricks’ idiotic New York Times op-ed: Proposed for your consideration: We should be allowed to hunt Thomas Ricks for sport. I’m sure it would be great fun for us, and I think that if skinned and properly tanned, his silver-haired visage would look great […]

Five Years Later In Iraq

We just passed the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, and the staff of Reason magazine have been looking back to 2003 to review their positions on the war in Iraq then and now. I figure I might as well go on the record about where I stood then and where I […]

Operation Support Our Troops – Illinois

A friend of mine just reminded me of a great organization called Operation Support Our Troops-Illinois. Founded in 2003 by Debi Rickert, OSOTIL sends out care packages to our troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. They follow Department of Defense security standards and guidelines. Most of the items they send are not available through the […]

What Will Happen to the Kurds?

Wretchard at The Belmont Club points to an article in the Sierra Vista Herald about an address by Qubad J. Talabany, a representative of Iraqi Kurdistan, to a U.S. military Training and Doctrine Command Cultural Awareness Summit: In 1974, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger led the United States away from supporting a Kurdish homeland. After […]

Why We Must Leave Iraq Now

Via Lindsey Bayerstein comes this link to photographs of U.S. soldiers receiving care at Walter Reed Hospital. (The whole Washington Post article is here). If you prefer something more abstract, check out icasualties.org. As I write this, there are 3133 confirmed U.S. war dead. Here’s a list of all of them. The same site shows […]

The Surge Is Not the Plan

Everyone who’s talking about Iraq is talking about “the surge” and whether it will work. Taken literally, that’s a silly question. Of course the surge will work: The surge is just a troop movement. It’s difficult to move 21,500 troops—and everything they need to fight a war—to the other side of the world, but it’s […]

Why We Can’t Leave Iraq Yet

Some people are talking about pulling out of Iraq. As much as I’d like us to be out of that war, I can’t make myself believe that withdrawing from Iraq is the right thing to do. Yes, I’m certainly willing to believe that we’d be better off if we had never invaded Iraq, and I […]

A Modest Proposal for Iraq: Scorched Earth

This is the second installment of a series of modest proposals for victory in Iraq. Proposals for changing our Iraq strategy have often been given simple names such as Go Big (send more troops), Go Long (plan a permanent occupation), or Go Home (the core of my previous proposal). I guess this proposal’s simple name […]

A Modest Proposal for Iraq: Pocket the Victory

President Bush has offered his plan for Iraq, and in fielding criticism of it, Press Secretary Tony Snow has said anybody who didn’t like it should offer a better one. I’m rising to that challenge with a series of modest proposals addressing not just the conflict in Iraq, but the emerging larger war against Islamofascism. […]

Iraq: Why We Didn’t Win When We Won

President Bush has offered his plan for Iraq, and in fielding criticism of it, Press Secretary Tony Snow has said anybody who didn’t like Bush’s plan should offer a better one. I’m planning to answer that challenge in a series of modest proposals. This is just background. Jennifer the Feral Genius wrote in her blog: […]

A Plan For Iraq?

President Bush has announced his plan for victory in Iraq, and I’ll say this about it: It sounds like a plan. Maybe the news sources I usually read have all been omitting this stuff from other reports, but this is the first thing I’ve heard about the war in Iraq since the initial invasion that […]