When first I read the news that Muslim fundamentalists in Egypt were attacking the U.S. embassy in protest to a movie about Mohammad, my immediate reaction was that they were […]

Over at Nobody’s Business, I finally get around to responding to Thomas Ricks’ idiotic New York Times op-ed: Proposed for your consideration: We should be allowed to hunt Thomas Ricks for […]

We just passed the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, and the staff of Reason magazine have been looking back to 2003 to review their positions on […]

Wretchard at The Belmont Club points to an article in the Sierra Vista Herald about an address by Qubad J. Talabany, a representative of Iraqi Kurdistan, to a U.S. military […]

Via Lindsey Bayerstein comes this link to photographs of U.S. soldiers receiving care at Walter Reed Hospital. (The whole Washington Post article is here). If you prefer something more abstract, […]

Everyone who’s talking about Iraq is talking about “the surge” and whether it will work. Taken literally, that’s a silly question. Of course the surge will work: The surge is […]

President Bush has announced his plan for victory in Iraq, and I’ll say this about it: It sounds like a plan. Maybe the news sources I usually read have all […]