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A Ride Home In 2:51

I’ve been experimenting with my video camera some more. A friend loaned me a suction cup mount that allowed me to attach the camera to the inside of the car window. So a few days ago I took a drive with the camera attached. I downloaded it to my computer (3.8GB!), then I sped it way up and added music.

Click here to see a larger version. Be sure to click the full-screen button in the lower right.

The trip starts just outside the Oak Brook Terrace shopping center in Oak Brook, Illinois, and proceeds down Roosevelt road to Wolf, then comes around south to Cermak where I get on I-294 North up to the Kennedy expressway, which I take to the Lawrence Avenue exit near my home in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Different parts of the video have been sped up by different amounts, depending what was going on. The start is in real time, and the guy at the gas station is only 2 or 3 times normal speed—followed by an edit so you don’t have to watch the wall too long. On the other hand, the moderately heavy traffic jam from the tool booth to the exit is shown at superspeed—in reality it was almost half the trip.

Also, I know the window was dirty. I planned to go through the car wash at the gas station at super speed, but it was closed when I got there. You can see me pause to think it over.

Any appearance that I violated state or municiple traffic laws is due to my ingenious use of special effects. Or MPEG-2 compression artifacts.