500 Million Lines of Code?

500 million lines of code. That’s how big the source code is for, according to this article at the New York Times. That number has since been repeated in a CNN editorial by Julianne Pepitone. That can’t be right. I know for a fact you can build a healthcare enrollment site in under a […]

More Interesting News About Problems

Lena H. Sun and Scott Wilson in the Washington Post have a pretty good article about the mess that tells us more about what’s going wrong. Let’s start with the specification for the load: CGI built the shopping and enrollment applications to accommodate 60,000 users at the same time. U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd […]

In Software Engineering, Sometimes Failure Is the Only Option

On day one of the roll-out, I explained that first-day glitches in a large production web site are meaningless. With only a few specialized exceptions (and some lucky ones) things always go wrong on the first day. It’s a normal part of the shakedown process, and not necessarily a reason to get upset. However, […]

Obamacare Day One Doesn’t Matter

I’m very skeptical about the effectiveness and long-term benefits of the healthcare system put in place by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). However, I’m not going to join in with the people who are proclaiming that Obamacare doesn’t work because they’ve visited, poked around for a bit, and found busted web sites. It’s the […]

Google’s New Reader Mess

It looks like Google has decided to screw up Reader with a new design: I guess they wanted it to have a more modern-looking design, and I suppose it looks nicer, but it’s kind of goofy from a usability standpoint. The biggest problem is that everything is, well, bigger. They’re following the modern web design […]

The Only Known Requirement

There’s an animated video making its way around the legal blogosphere in which a cynical older lawyer tries to convince an idealistic prospective law student not to go to law school. As a non-lawyer, I’m probably missing half the jokes, but it’s still pretty funny. I was more fascinated, however, by the web site used […]

Followup On Sony Vegas Problems

When I figured out that my Sony Vegas video editing software was crashing because of a bogus file date, I filed a detailed problem report with Sony Creative Software, and I emailed a short description of the problem to Premiumbeat, the suppliers of the music files—created by a guy names Styve—that had bad dates on them. I […]

Why Software Testing Is Hard

Now that I’m experimenting with video for the blog, I’m learning how to use video editing software. Currently, I’m experimenting with Sony Vegas. I like it a lot, it seems intuitive and fairly powerful. One of the more interesting features of Vegas is a tool called Media Manager which helps you index and track your […]

Google Earth Public Release

Wow! 5000 hits today! Although I’d love for you folks to stick around and check out my blog, I suspect you just want to download the latest release of Google Earth Plus—3.0.0336 (beta)—which you can get here: Enjoy! Update: Google has suspended downloads. Better check the official page:

Google Earth, Second Beta

Update: Looking for the latest Google Earth beta? Go here. Google has released a new version of the Google Earth beta. This is version 3.0.0178, replacing bersion 3.0.0149. I described the first beta here. Also, Stephen DesRoches has a nice review. No new features, they say, but a few fixes: No more crashing on exit […]

Google + Keyhole = Google Earth

Google just released the next version of their Keyhole software. It’s called Google Earth, and of course it’s a beta release. (Update: All I got was a message from a Google email address saying that they were making the beta available to current Keyhole subscribers, which I am. The message included a download URL that […]