Your Secrets Are Safe This Time

Jeff Gamso has a terrific post on why we shouldn’t believe the TSA when they claim that their full-nude body scans of passengers are completely secure and won’t be abused or disclosed. I have my own argument that I’ve used to respond to similar claims about government handling of our sensitive personal information. It goes […]

Some Geeks are Creepy

Google had a bit of an embarrassing security problem recently. An engineer did a very creepy thing and spied on teenager’s Google accounts while interacting with the teens online. Apparently no laws were broken but Google, obviously, fired the engineer. Google’s statement about the incident underwhelmed Greg Laden: Sorry Google, we are not impressed. We’d […]

Time To Put Email In an Envelope

Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice has a long-running debate with the Volokh Conspiracy‘s Orin Kerr over how search and seizure laws should apply in the digital world. Briefly, Kerr advocates what he calls a “technology neutral” approach, in which we try to create a mapping between real world concepts and their digital analogs in order to apply centuries of […]