Race Relations

More On Cops, Protesters, and Racial Bias

More On Cops, Protesters, and Racial Bias

In a previous post, I criticized Jack Marshall’s post about the connections between protesters and cop killers. Jack tried to respond, but apparently my comment system is acting up again, so he emailed it to me.  I started to write a response, but I guess Jack decided he had enough material for a full blog […]

Racist Mental Violence

Every once in a while, some unknown douchebag (I don’t believe the email headers) sends me an email something like this: Hi Mark, Did you see this article? It’s about Racial violence over Christmas season — all over the country. More than a dozen episodes. All in the last month or so. Thought it might […]

In Which John Derbyshire Explains Black People

Wow, it looks like somebody hacked into John Derbyshire’s email and sent one of his publishing outlets something that would make him look a racist asshole. I mean, would even a jerk like Derbyshire really write shit like this? (10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally. (10b) Stay out of heavily black […]