Not the Norks

In response to threats apparently coming from hackers in North Korea, Sony pictures has withdrawn their movie The Interview from a Christmas release. Several major theater chains had already backed out, and Sony seems to have given in, possibly after being weakened by the earlier release of hacked proprietary data. I’ve already made it pretty […]

The Natural Disaster We’re Having

[Update: I was far too pessimistic about the heatwave. According to Wikipedia, it killed 82 people, far fewer than I was worried about. I guess I am a bit of an alarmist after all.] Over at Breitbart, Joel B. Pollack is trying to use the recent heat wave against President Obama: With much of the […]

McCain To Lose

I know nothing about election politics, but I’ve decided to make a prediction for the Prognistication file anyway. I’m noticing that a lot of conservative coverage of Obama’s campaign is pointing out that he’s just another politician, he’s not divine, he has ties to Chicago politicians, or that some of his actions are politically motivated (in an […]

John Mark Karr

Okay, I’ll get in the game with my prediction: John Mark Karr didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey. (I’ve been right about things like this before, but didn’t say anything in advance so who’d believe me, right? This time, right or wrong, I’m on record.) He allegedly says her death was an accident, which is obviously not […]

Another Reason I Couldn’t Be A Criminal Lawyer

One of defense lawyer Norm Pattis’s ex-clients apparently wants to kill him. On the one hand, he’s got an internal justification for his actions (revenge), and he doesn’t seem like the type to care about the consequences. So he’s a serious threat in that sense. On the other hand, I don’t see how the guy […]

The Michael Jackson Trial

(Because I am becoming a site statistics whore.) Public Defender Dude has asked people to post their predictions about the Michael Jackson case. Here’s my prediction: Having read as little as possible about the case, I nevertheless boldly lead the way by predicting he will be found guilty of at least one count of administering […]

Predicting Matt Hale’s Innocence

Well, he’s guilty of some stuff. But it looks like someone other than white supremacist Matt Hale was responsible for the February 28 killing of the husband and mother of United States District Judge Joan Humphry Lefkow. I’m guessing that this murder of a judge’s family hits a guy like Mike at Crime & Federalism […]