Chicago Fireworks 2009

I went out last night to take pictures of the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was raining earlier in the evening, and I think that discouraged some people from bringing out their fireworks. Several of the locations I usually hit were totally dead. To make matters worse, fog rolled in last night. […]

Jennifer At Six Corners

Well, I’m finished postprocessing the photos I took of Jennifer on Wednesday, and I think the photoshoot was a success. They’re not all beautiful, and they’re not as good as I’d like them to be, but I took them my way. This is the first step toward taking the kinds of photos I’d like to […]

Reviewing the Six Corners Model Shoot

I just took a quick look at the photos from Tuesday’s model shoot. As with the other three model shoots I’ve done, my initial impression doesn’t make me happy. It turns out that I took exactly 200 photos, and most of them aren’t very good. The first time that happened, it was horrifying: All that […]

Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee

It’s been a while since I did any photoblogging—just posting a photo for no reason other than to look at a photo. I was up in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, so here’s a photo I took of the Midwest Airlines Center.

More From the Model Shoot

As my way of apologizing to poor Ken Lammers, who visited here to see the pretty girls and found my plunger story instead, here are a couple more shots from last month’s model shoot. (I am way behind in processing these photos.)

More Model Shots

Here are a couple of photos of some of the models from last week’s shoot just, you know, takin’ a load off and actin’ casual… (The shot of Jessica is just for you, Ken.)

What I Did Last Week

I spent most of last week doing stuff for my paying job, and I thought it might be interesting to blog about that. I was planning a series of posts on the wonders of the X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) guideline for the Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance (834) transaction required by the Health Insurance Portability […]

Model Shoot: Theresa

Here are a few of the pictures of Theresa from the model shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.

Model Shoot: Nicole

I did a model shoot a couple of weeks ago with three other photographers and two models. The other photographers were all more experienced than I was, so I learned a lot by watching what they did. Here are a few of the photos I took of Nicole:

Milwaukee Photos

I took a couple of pictures in and around the hotel where we stayed: Somehow, I don’t think the Grand Avenue Mall is the most fun place in Milwaukee for teens to hang out. I think it was this huge list of Stuff You Can’t Do that clued me in: Here’s a close-up of the […]

Bead and Button Show Intrigue

Blogging was a bit slow last week because my wife was on vacation and we were out doing stuff together. For a couple of years running, we’ve gone to the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee. The deal is, she has fun at the convention, while I try to get some interesting pictures. Last year, I posted […]

Cell Tower


Arlington Glass

Garden Swans