Media Criticism

Sykes on Imus

Tinkerty Tonk posts a video of the always-amazing Wanda Sykes on the Imus affair.

About that O.J. Interview…

Dear Mr. Goldman, As you may know, even though Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson has claimed he did not murder either his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, or your son, Ron Goldman, he has received a book deal from ReganBooks for a reputed $3.5 million to explain how he might have done it…if he had done […]

An Offer Too Good To Refuse?

Sean Hannity has this to say about Democratic Congressbeing Nancy Pelosi: “This is the moment to say that there are things in life worth fighting and dying for and one of ’em is making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t become the speaker.” It would be cool if she took him up on that offer.

Intelligence Please

Wow. I have got to start reading the Weekly Standard more often. Heather Mac Donald has an editorial there titled “Information Please.” It’s a defense of the NSA collection of phone records, and it is both self-righteous and misinformed at the same time. I thought only us bloggers were supposed to post stuff like that. […]

Zamboni Emissions

The Chicago Tribune says a bunch of folks in Barrington got sick because of carbon monoxide emissions from a defective Zamboni. I suspect that this is a story mostly because it’s kind of fun to type the word Zamboni.

A Minor Shooting

Radley Balko has an article about the killing of Cheryl Lynn Noel, who died from gunshot wounds during an early morning SWAT raid of the house where she lived. When the officers burst into her bedroom, she pointed a gun at them and they shot her down. Given that the raid only found small personal-use […]

Abortion, Abortion, Abortion.

You know, if Samuel Alito is confirmed as the next Justice of the Supreme Court, he will be making decisions about freedom of speech, the rights of the accused, the scope of government powers under the commerce clause, the elements of procedural due process, eminent domain, the war on drugs, guns, commerce clause issues affecting […]

Pamphleteers of the Cyber Age

I’m not a real believer in blogger triumphalism: I don’t believe bloggers are the new movers and shakers of the media world. It’s true that some of the bloggers at the top of the ecosystem can influence the daily news cycle, but even then the story becomes big only when the mainstream media catches on. […]

Kathleen Parker’s Musical Awareness

When I read Kathleen Parker’s Chicago Tribune article about free speach, I had some doubts that she had ever heard any of Kanye West’s music. Michael M. Davis at Garfield Park would seem to agree.

Steal From the Best

Here’s how you write a newspaper column. Find a topic that engages you. Then bang your head against a computer screen until what you’ve written no longer makes you want to hurl. My words are important to me. I struggle with them, obsess over them. Show me something I wrote and I can tell you […]

Area blogger amused by headline

Some of the folks in New Zealand aren’t happy with how Britain is complying (or not) with the Treaty of Waitangi which guarantees…well, I have no idea. What got my attention is one woman’s rather unusual method of protesting Prince Charles’ visit this week. As the MSNBC story headlines it, “Prince Charles faces bare-breasted protest.” […]

Not Toogood News.

If I ran a big-time news service, one of my policies would be to only run items as news that are really news. Here’s an example: Why is it news when Madelyne Gorman Toogood allegedly beats her daughter? She’s the Indiana woman who got caught on a parking lot video tape apparently punching her daughter […]