Life Lessons

Things I Learned In the Aughts

I’ve decided to steal an idea from Gideon and write a quick list of things I learned in the last decade: I learned to ignore people who say the decade/century/millenium has one more year to go because there was no year zero. I learned that terrorism in the United States is a more real threat […]

The Smoking Gun, Part II: When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Put on Patrol, Version 1.1

Nah. Updating doesn’t go quite far enough; I really should eat a little more crow. But just a little. Let’s try that again — and I’m going to leave the original up, for historical purposes. Bloggers — well, ones who care to do it right — don’t throw errors down the memory hole. Hence, Version […]

The Thunderwear Story

Life does drift, and the discussion over at SJ that Mark links to led to a digression into tactical pens, tactical pants, tactical shirts, and tactical underwear.  (For those of you who have never tried to pronounce the phrase, “tactical pants,” please do try it; it’s almost impossible to say without giggling.) Which reminds me […]

Getting Your Pen Back

As I get older, I feel the need to pass on some of the accumulated wisdom of my years, so with this post I’m starting the Windypundit Life Lessons Department. It’s too late to help poor Scott, but the secret to getting people to remember to give back a pen you’ve loaned them is to […]