Law Enforcement

A Tale of Two Police Shootings

In 2009, when a Fairfax, Virginia police officer shot and killed an unarmed man, the police department refused to identify the officer who pulled the trigger. When reporter Michael Pope asked a few questions, Fairfax County Police Public Information Officer Mary Ann Jennings became obstinate: When asked why her department won’t even release the name […]

Time For a National Conversation on Law Enforcement

I haven’t had much to say about the Occupy Wall Street protests, mostly because I don’t understand the Occupy Wall Street protests. I think that’s because the protesters don’t understand them either. That’s okay, because building a consensus is a process. and it takes time. There’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Windypundit however, I […]

Between Insensitivity and Despair

Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice notes Radley Balko’s report on yet another report about police shooting an unarmed civilian during a raid and then worries that we’re seeing too many reports of this kind of thing: I similarly take note of these incidents from time to time, having done so more frequently in the past […]