On the Blogging Gender Gap Kerfuffle

So a few days ago Mike Cernovich at Crime & Federalism addressed the (apparently common) question of why women are underrepresented in the legal blogosphere. Everyone gets very concerned for women, who apparently are being prevented from blogging. Who is preventing women from blogging? No one says. Well, it’s “men,” we are told. Mike calls […]

Paris Hilton Getting Screwed

(Not that I’m fishing for traffic with that title by implying that this is about Paris Hilton’s sex life—oh drat! I did it again! Mentioning Paris Hilton and sex in the same sentence. Bad blogger! Bad!) I think this comment at Public Defender Dude is the best answer I’ve encountered to the question of whether […]

What’s in a Name? – The Power of Language

There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about a certain f-word. A tremendous amount of power is being given to this word. Just to recap, in case you hadn’t heard: In October, on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah Washington referred to T.R. Knight as a homosexual epithet while having an argument with Patrick […]

Fashizzle My Lizzle

Oh dear God…the crowd of lawyers and law professors at The Volokh Conspiracy is discussing the etymology of “bootylicious.”