Homeland Security

Randazza Meets the TSA

Marc Randazza lives an interesting life: They open the bag, and see that I’m traveling with exactly one t-shirt, one toothbrush, one pair of socks, a pair of underwear, and 50 porn movies, which they lay out on the table one by one. Whole story here.

It Could Have Been Geocaching

My first thought when I read about the suspicious objects found in public areas around Boston was that they were geocaches. Geocaching is the pastime of hiding small containers in public places and posting their latitude and longitude on web sites for other people to find. A GPS receiver will get them within a few […]

Fun With the TSA

Tired of all the tedium of going through airport security? Then set your laptop up so that when they ask you to open it, it shows this. (Created by Michael Solomon, referred by Philipp Lenssen.) P.S. For God’s sake, don’t really do this. You will be charged with a crime.

Is Something Going On?

Military intelligence analysts have this saying: “Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” Even so, this is probably nothing… October 2 at the University of Oklahoma: Joel Hinrichs III dies in an explosion he set off about 100 yards from a stadium filled with 80,000 people. Police call it a […]

TSA Garage Sale

Ever wonder what happens to all those nail clippers they confiscate at the airport? Click here to find out. (Via Stupid Security.)

A Funny Thing

My wife went on a business trip on Wednesday and came back Thursday with an amusing story about how she almost got strip searched at the airport. Strip searched. Ha, ha, ha. She and her boss were going through the line and the security folks sent her boss in one direction and my wife into […]

Tommy Thompson’s Tips for Terrorists

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson might be a good administrator for all I know. Certainly his earlier work on Wisconsin’s welfare system showed that it was possible to reform welfare without putting poor people through hell. But I’ve never found him reassuring when it comes to bioterrorism. Which is a little ironic, when […]

Avril Lavigne, Watch Your Back!

Orin Kerr speculates on possible pre-election attacks on America by Al Qaeda: I think it’s somewhat less likely than it used to be that Al Qaeda would try attacks focused on killing lots of people or destroying symbolic targets. The U.S. response to 9/11 taught that the U.S. isn’t going to back off its policies […]

Making More Business for the CDC

The CDC apparently decided to drum up some business for themselves back in the ’80s.

A Frightening Thought

Leonard Pitts has a great article about the modern state of airport security, as revealed by the bunch of New York Daily News reporters who managed to smuggle contraband past the security checkpoints. You know the part that scares me? Not just that someone managed to get weapons through security, but that journalists did. Not […]