Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas!

Just a little local color:

Thanks For Shopping

Today I’m thankful so many stores have chosen to be open on Thanksgiving. I’ve always found those holidays where everything in the world is closed to be more than a little creepy. Not everybody is happy about the new retailing plans for Thanksgiving. I got a link in the mail to this marginally coherent […]

Thanks For All That Food

Just had a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner at some friends’ house. Filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and ice cream. Feeling sleepy…trying to stay awake by doing stuff on the computer…not going…to…make…it…

Thanks For My Friends

The last few years have been a bit difficult. Between my parents getting sick and dying, my consulting work drying up, and the ongoing recession, by this time last year things were looking precarious and about to get worse. But now my life is settling back into order and things are starting to look up again. […]

Not Feeling That Easter Spirit

No, I’m not having a Happy Easter. My wife has major surgery tomorrow, and my cat is dying. I’m not exactly feeling God’s love right now. I don’t want to go into too much detail out of respect for her privacy, but my wife’s medical problem is not at all life threatening. She’s just got […]

Merry Christmas, Joel

I just wanted to take a moment to wish Joel Rosenberg a Merry Christmas! Yeah, Joel, you heard me. I know you’re Jewish, so I suppose it’s just Chinese food on Saturday to you, but I’m glad you’re home with your family today. For a while there, that was not a sure thing, so I […]

Merry Bloggy Christmas

In the spirit of a holiday named after a wise Jew from the (middle) east, I think it’s only fair to direct you to Simple Justice, where Scott Greenfield has posted a heartfelt thanks for all his fellow blawgers: Blawgers give of their time, their thoughts, their talents to write.  In return, they are told how […]

Thanks For My Friends

For the last twenty years or so, my wife and I have spent every Thanksgiving with my parents. However, my parents both passed away this year. Everyone says the holidays are hard times after a loss, and I’ve had two of them, so I’ve been a bit concerned about how this Thanksgiving would go. Fortunately, some […]

Time to Give Something Back?

Hey Readers! With overnight shipping, it’s still not too late to get your favorite blogger something special! Widgets

Thank You Blawgosphere

The only posts I’ve got in the pipeline are an announcement about a nasty little web site I’m building and a followup to my series on prositution. Somehow, neither of those feels right for Thanksgiving Day. So today I’m posting about how thankful I am for the legal blogosphere (or, if we must, blawgosphere). Windypundit‘s […]

Aliens or Romance?

Today’s online Chicago Tribune has a blurb that reads: Aliens or romance? John Kass wants to know what you think is the Best Valentine’s Day Date Movie. John, if you choose your woman wisely, aliens are romance. Update: My wife just called me from the road. She wants to know the name of the spaceship […]

Happy 4th of July, Be Careful Out There

I’m debating whether to go out and take photos of the fireworks like I did last year. Apparently, a lot of the illegal fireworks shows at the parks and schools are run by cops and firemen who live in the neighborhood. If a patrol car shows up, they just flash their badges and the show […]

The Post-Apocalyptic Desolation of Christmas Day at the Mall

After enduring a full month of insane shopping frenzy at the malls, I usually find that Christmas Day itself feels like the end-of-the-world. I’m not a big fan of black and white photos from a digital camera because it seems like faking—the digital sensor always captures a color image—but I think it works for this […]

Thanks For…Reason Magazine

I can’t remember the first time I picked up Reason magazine. It was probably in the mid 1990’s. I was going through a phase where I was looking for magazines about the important issues of the day. I was reading Time or Newsweek regularly—I can’t remember which. Somebody had told me that that the two […]

Happy Holidays Everyone!

And Merry Christmas to all my fundamentalist Christian readers!