Ferguson Fatigue

It seems fatigue has set in with the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. I’ve been following the protests and the police response every night on Twitter since the shooting, and it’s been riveting. I keep telling myself to ignore it for a while, and for […]

The Constitution Is Not a Suicide Pact

“The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” The first time I heard that phrase, I thought it was a pretty good line, and I agreed with it. In a sense, I still do. That’s because the first time I heard it I interpreted it backwards from how most people do when they invoke it. I […]

Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship!

Chris Hallquist intrigued me with a recent post about the number of crazy people who think an armed revolution will be needed in the US in the next few years. I’ll ignore the horrible infographic he used at the start of the post for now since I’m currently more interested in his attitude toward such […]

A Bad Week For Liberty

It’s been a rough week for liberty. To begin with, we had two terrorist style attacks, the moderately successful Boston Marathon bombing, and the failed ricin poisoning. I doubt either attack was because “they hate our freedom” (few attacks are) but the attacks themselves are attacks on our freedom. As is often the case, just […]

A Libertarian Telling the Right Where They Go Wrong

Over at The Agitator guest blogger Jason Kuznicki has a post explaining how the right wing gets freedom wrong. I think he explains it very well, but that didn’t stop me from writing some commentary on Kuznicki points over at Nobody’s Business.

Towards Shifting the Judicial Balance

In response to my noting that the Florida Supreme Court has approved the state’s policy of convicting people of possessing drugs without proving they did so knowingly (a problem not unique to Florida), someone named Paul Murray comments, Surely all that’s needed is to get a pickpocket to plant some grass clippings on these judges. […]

Don’t Let Godwin’s Law Protect Totalitarians

I’ve always been wary of Godwin’s Law — the internet maxim which says that if you are in an argument and you compare someone or something to Hitler or the Nazis, you automatically lose the argument. (Actually, Mike Godwin’s original comment was more nuanced than Godwin’s Law has become today. Wikipedia has a nice summary.) Granted, […]

How To Win the Fight For Freedom in America

I have an actual specific plan for how just a few hundred people can turn the tide of freedom in this country. Details in my latest post at Nobody’s Business.

It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

the Berlin wall fell: At the end of a plodding news conference, Politburo spokesman Guenter Schabowski offhandedly said East Germany was lifting restrictions on travel across its border with West Germany. Pressed on when the regulation would take effect, he looked down at his notes and stammered: “As far as I know, this enters into […]

Of Exigent Circumstances and Radio Dead Zones

When it comes to judicial oversight of law enforcement intrusion into our privacy, I’m pretty suspicious of claims of exigent circumstances. For example, I don’t believe the claim that terrorism investigators need to conduct warrantless surveillance because there’s not enough time to get a warrant. Some places have judges stationed at sobriety checkpoints to speed […]

Independence Day, Then What?

So on July 4, 1776, the United States of America declared itself independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain. And then it was July 5, and there was work to be done. Britain was a superpower, but through war and diplomacy our small nation wrested sovereignty from the king’s hands, and on September 3, 1783, the […]

How Much Government Should We Have?

Jamie Spencer has a question about the size of government: But the big “L” libertarians often use a certain phrase that I just don’t understand. For example, my friend and Dallas criminal defense lawyer Robert Guest uses it in a post about tea parties: As a libertarian I’m for anything that reduces the size and […]

Conservatives, Carry Permits, and Secular Liberal Evangelism

Hi there. My name’s Joel, and I’ll be your occasional Second Amendment issues blogger here. This particular essay is posted both at True North and at Windypundit, the latter of which is set up to handle comments. Why a Minnesota radical moderate is posting a blog entry about conservatives and liberals on a Chicago area […]

Fourth Amendment Crazy Talk…Not

I just caught a video of a crazy Fox News guy ranting about the government. The sad thing is that he’s Judge Andrew Napolitano, and we need more crazy judges like him. He was speaking at a Reason conference and his speech is a good review of the decline and fall of the Fourth Amendment. […]

Have you got something to hide?

I had some technical difficulties, and I’m way behind in blogging this, but a few days ago Gideon addressed that most tiresome of responses to a refusal to aquiesce to law enforcement intrusion: “Why? I’ve got nothing to hide.” I see similar arguments from those not of the criminal defense bent in regards to some […]