Eminent Domain

Starting the Fight Against the Newton TIF

When I used to have more time on more hands (or more energy for my time) I did some blogging about eminent domain issues. One of those blog entries received a comment a few days ago that I wanted to address: I appreciated your article on the TIF struggle in Des Planes. In Newton, IL, […]

Kelo Day

Arg! I totally forgot to mention that today is Kelo Day! Susette Kelo and the Institute for Justice are trying to moneybomb the eminent domain abuse issue by getting 10,000 people to donate a few bucks each today. Make your donations here. Or at least go read what it’s all about.

Des Plaines TIF: A Strange Mix

Right on the south edge of the central triangle in the Des Plaines Five Corners/River-Rand TIF zone is a small group of odd buildings. This is the only part of the inner triangle (and the only part of the TIF district I’ve shown you) that looks like a common-sense definition of blighted, especially when seen […]

Good News In the International Plaza TIF Battle

I’ve been meaning to comment on this, but Cal Skinner beat me to it. Graydon Megan is reporting in the Chicago Tribune that the deal between Arlington Heights and Target Corporation is in the toilet. “Target has realized, I think, with the passage of time, increased costs and the pending lawsuits, it doesn’t make economic […]

Des Plaines TIF: Jimmy’s Restaurant

The Des Plaines TIF is so huge that I’ve got to start posting more pictures or I’ll never get done. So here’s a few pictures from Jimmy’s Restaurant, another property threatened by eminent domain in the Des Plaines Five Corners/River-Rand TIF District. As you can see, Jimmy has been pretty active in the TIF opposition […]

Sam Adams Alliance on International Plaza

I’ve been a little too busy to blog much about eminent domain issues, so take a look at what the Sam Adams Alliance has to say about International Plaza. In July of 2002, the Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois handed down a bogus “blighted” designation to the International Plaza, a local shopping center, in order […]

Des Plaines TIF: Suburban Transmission

Here’s another property threatened by eminent domain in the Des Plaines Five Corners/River-Rand TIF District. The last two businesses I blogged about, the Geiser-Berner plumbing shop and the corner BP Gas Station are both inside what I’m calling the Inner Triangle, the region bounded on the east by River Road, on the southwest by Rand […]

Des Plaines TIF: BP Gas Station

This BP gas station is another of the businesses that the Des Plaines City Council is calling “blighted.” Located on the northwest corner of the intersections of Rand and River roads, it’s very nearly at the center of the TIF district. (Visit the previous Des Plaines entry .)[Update: Visit the next Des Plaines entry.]

Des Plaines TIF: Geiser-Berner

I’ve got hundreds of photos from the Des Plaines River-Rand TIF, and it’s about time I posted a few of them. I’ll start with this batch from Geiser-Berner Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Its owners, Robert Janczak, Ed Lehman, and Scott Olson are among the more outspoken opponents of the TIF. Their shop is a […]

Distributing the International Plaza Survey

A bunch of folks showed up at the International Plaza shopping mall yesterday to distribute fliers and conduct a survey as part of the effort to save the plaza and a few neighboring properties from eminent domain abuse. (The young lady at right is a reporter who showed up to cover the effort.) The village […]

The Battle for International Plaza

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps While the legal battles for International Plaza are slowly grinding forward, the public relations battle is picking up steam. Sheila Ahern of the Daily Herald has a nice summary of what’s going on: In the past few months, the plaza’s owners have held two rallies, phoned residents and started […]

XMAS in the TIF

This is Pesche’s Flowers, one of the many businesses in Des Plaines, Illinois, that the city claims is “blighted” so they can abuse their eminent domain power to replace it with something they like better. The city’s materials justifying the TIF show some of the worst views of some of the uglier properties, so I […]

An Anti-TIF PAC in Des Plaines

Cal Skinner just sent me an email pointing out a PAC called Des Plaines Residents for Responsible Taxation. Its officers are Scott Olson and Barbara VanSlambrouck, co-owners respectively of Geiser-Berner and Chromatech, both of which are threatened by the Five-Corners TIF in Des Plaines. I spoke to another Geiser-Berner co-owner, Robert Janczak, a while back […]

Arlin-Golf Plaza and the Residences

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps In my previous post, I was exploring some of International Plaza’s neighbors that are also part of the TIF district and in danger of condemnation. In the photo above, the building in the background is the Arlin-Golf Plaza strip mall. As I walked around to take more pictures, the […]

International Plaza and Its Neighbors

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps There was a rally for International Plaza a few weeks ago, but I had errands to run that morning, and by the time I got to the Plaza, all the excitement was over. There were just a few stragglers, including a newspaper reporter and Leo Plotkin who owns Unigma […]