The First Pet

Last night Obama reaffirmed a promise to his daughters: From the campaign’s onset, he vowed to buy the girls a dog, win or lose. And as he stood before the country as president-elect Tuesday, he announced that America would have a new First Dog come January. “I love you both more than you can imagine,” Obama told […]

Meet Joey

Here is the latest addition to our family, Joey. He is a min-pin (miniature pinscher) that we adopted from Here he is with our other dog, Vegas. They seem to be getting along, but she’s still not quite sure what to make of him.

Too Good – Lady, R.I.P.

My 13 year old dog Lady was diagnosed with a bladder tumor 7 months ago. She was the best dog, always eager to please. She did a very good job of hiding her discomfort, trying to carry on as normally as possible (between peeing). She barked happily when my wife and I came home, ate […]