Does This Bother Anyone Else

Two Cheers for the Secret Service [Updated]

Am I the only one who thought the U.S. Secret Service did a pretty good job of handling the guy who jumped the fence and ran for the front door? I’m especially appalled at the suggestion that snipers should have shot him after he jumped the fence. It’s reported that the only weapon on him […]

“This is not a democracy, sir.”

Let’s go to the tape. Do watch the whole thing, from beginning to end, but after you do that, let’s start watching it, again, starting at 3:40 into it. 3:50 MPD squad, lights and sirens on, screams to a stop, and two cops leap out and join the struggle. The one furthest from the camera brings […]

Reserved Parking, WTF?

I just visited the Apple store in Old Orchard for some accessories for the new hotness, and I spotted something I’ve never seen before: License-plate-specific reserved parking? This must be reserved for one person, and including the plate number makes it easy for mall security to recognize the right car, but don’t they have parking […]

What the Heck Is an Official Language?

I don’t understand what the issue is when people talk about making English the official language. It was one of the questions at the presidential debates of both parties. Closer to home, Fran Eaton at Illinois Review links approvingly to an article by Phyllis Schlafly and to a report that Carpentersville has passed a symbolic […]

Suspiciously Green

In the bathroom at the hotel where we stayed last week: conserve As part of Hyatt’s commitment to conserve the environment, we will change bed linens and towels as necessary or upon request. If you wish to have your linens and towels replaced daily, please contact the hotel operator. Yeah, I’m sure they’re just very […]

Bill Clinton is Not the President

I heard some radio talk show host discussing the idea of sending a delegation of former Presidents of the United States to try to get Israel to settle down. I have no considered opinion on the matter, but I was rather peeved that the guy kept referring to “President Clinton.” Bill Clinton is not the […]

Fly Away

Lenny Kravitz’s album 5 has been out for a few years now. I remember especially enjoying its hit single “Fly Away” which had an energetic video to go with it. You can hear “Fly Away” on Lenny Kravitz’s MySpace page (you’ll have to click the song yourself, I can’t figure out how to link to […]

Disturbing Lyrics From Eminem

On Eminem’s latest album, Encore, there’s a track called “Mosh” in which he lashes out against President Bush and the war in Iraq. At about 3:30 there’s this bit of tripe: Let the president answer a higher anarchy Strap him with an AK-47, let him go, fight his own war Let him impress daddy that […]

Wash Your Damn Hands!

Ogre repeats an old Marine joke which I’m just a little too smart to enjoy anymore: A Sailor is relieving himself in the head when a Marine walks in and steps up to the urinal beside him. After a few seconds the Sailor finishes, shakes, zips and walks over to the sink to wash his […]