A Brief Note About the World

There’s obviously a lot more going on in the world than I’ve been blogging about. I pick topics not based on whether they’re important, but on whether I have something to say. I don’t know much about the Middle East, so what could I say about the struggle for freedom there? What could I say […]


I really have nothing to say. I blog about justice and economics and freedom and government perfidy, but the disaster in Haiti right now has little to do with any of those things. I could probably find a way to link the disaster or the relief effort to one or more of my favorite topics, […]

Shoot Them In The Head

The anonymous multi-author blog Popehat has a lot of good stuff, but earlier this week, blogger “Patrick” posted some irresponsible alarmist claptrap that I cannot in good conscience allow to remain unanswered. I’m talking, of course, about his long-winded and poorly-reasoned discourse on the so-called “zombie apocalypse.” Patrick tries to frame the debate as a question of whether […]

Heck Of a Blog, Brownie!

I can’t tell if this is for real. I’m not sure what it is.

Minnesota I-35w Bridge Collapse

These amazing photos of the I-35w Bridge Collapse in Minnesota were taken by Tim Davis. He has a civil engineering background, so his photos really show the enormous force it takes to bend and break something as strong as a road bridge. As Davis points out, this isn’t some chaotic and unavoidable act of nature […]

Not Soon Enough

“I’m turning in my resignation today…I think it’s in the best interest of the agency and the best interest of the president to do that and get the media focused on the good things that are going on, instead of me.” That’s Mike Brown resigning as the Director of FEMA. Man, I’ll bet he’d like […]

Mike Brown

According to an AP wire story by Ted Bridis, former horse-show manager and current FEMA director Mike Brown… Wait a minute! What was that? The FEMA web site gives Mike Brown’s history as follows: Prior to joining FEMA, Mr. Brown practiced law in Colorado and Oklahoma, where he served as a bar examiner on ethics […]

Inattention at FEMA

So far, I’ve been willing to give FEMA the benefit of the doubt. The rescue effort is a gigantic operation, and I’m not surprised that it took a while. However, I’m beginning to have my doubts. Via Brendan Loy’s excellant hurricane coverage, comes a link to a quote by FEMA Director Mike Brown: “Saturday and […]

As If Those Poor People Haven’t Suffered Enough…

Geraldo Rivera has arrived in New Orleans.

205 School Buses

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing the Mayor of New Orleans whining about the rescue effort: The mayor of New Orleans made an impassioned plea for help on Friday as tens of thousands of people remained stranded in the flooded city. Ray Nagin, in a radio interview, said: “I need reinforcements. I need troops, man. […]

The Pace of Relief

A lot of people are starting to complain about the pace of the hurricane relief effort. I don’t know enough about disaster relief to be sure (and I don’t want to make excuses for any screw-ups) but I suspect that the agonizingly slow pace is nevertheless incredibly fast, given the scale of the operation. Here’s […]

Katrina Approaches

Here’s an idea of how bad it is in New Orleans right now: The Mayor has told the Fire Department to stand down. The firefighters are securing the firehouses against the storm and heading to shelter. Update: Woke up around 6am and turned on the TV. New Orleans has just lost power. In the Superdome, […]

The City That Care Forgot

As I write this, Hurricane Katrina is climbing up the Gulf toward the mouth of the Mississippi and the City of New Orleans. The winds have slowed from 175 miles per hour to about 160, but the warm Gulf water could drive it faster at any time. If you’ve ever stuck your hand out the […]