Death To Tyrants

I’m generally opposed to the death penalty, for what I think are pretty good reasons. But in my heart, I’m not completely opposed to it. That’s because there are people I really want killed — people like Osama bin Laden. Ordinary criminals don’t have that effect on me. Oh, If I read about someone who […]

The Relative Importance of DUI and National Security

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Mark Bennett just put up a post about Harris County’s plans for what they call a “No-Refusal Weekend” over the holiday: A no-refusal weekend is a weekend in which local law enforcement, prosecutors, and…judges team up to ensure that anyone who is arrested for DUI…who refuses to blow in the breathalyzer […]

Safer Driving Rules For the Children

Here’s a slightly annoying Chicago Tribune editorial about changes in the rules for teenage drivers here in Illinois. Basically, they’ve increased the restrictions teenagers face. The new rules include: – Night restrictions for drivers younger than 18 are moved back an hour. – Passenger limits on 16- and 17-year-old drivers are extended from six months […]

A Strange But Familiar Logic

Rogier van Bakel posts a bit of a horror story about trying to adopt a dog from a shelter. Oddly, the attendant don’t want to let him visit the kennels, instead asking him to look through a binder and pick a dog for her to bring out. Even after he finds a dog, a big […]

Comparing Strange and Culosi

Here’s a disturbing comparison between a pair of news items: Jennifer Lea Strange dies from drinking too much at a water drinking contest hosted by KDND, a Sacramento, California radio station. The very next day the station cancels the show and fires everyone involved. Fairfax, Virginia Police shoot and kill Sal Culosi as he emerges […]

Not So MADD About Some People…

[Update: In an earlier version of this post, I had assumed Ocean City was in Delaware, but as Mike Mahaffie points out, it’s in Maryland. This post has been re-written to reflect that fact.] It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), so I’ve been planning to look in […]

Wedding Night

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau should be celebrating their wedding night by now. I think the whole situation is a bit disturbing. After all, they first had sex when he was in sixth grade and she was his teacher. She went to prison for that. I think they’re both a bit crazy. My opinion […]

Conscription…what’s up with that?

Over at Reason, Matt Welch is discussing some of the recent history of over-reaching government programs, which brings me to this: Our current system of military draft registration was created in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Now that we’ve helped kick the Soviets out, and the Soviet Union has crumbled and fallen, and […]

William Bennett Recants!

I couldn’t help noticing that William Bennett has just admitted that pretty much all the cultural concerns he’s voiced over the last decade have been wrong. The New York times asked 12 Americans for their views on “the most significant change the country has undergone in the year since Sept. 11.” Bennet’s response was that […]

Jonah Goldberg Defends Bill Clinton!

Jonah Goldberg Defends Bill Clinton? No, not quite, but Jonah writes in defense of hypocrisy by society’s leaders, advancing the proposition that leaders should lie to hide their unseemly side, lest the masses mistake it for virtue and try to emulate it. I wonder if he felt that way about Bill Clinton. By this theory, […]