Consumer Affairs

Four Star Body Shop

By the way, the body shop that repaired my Toyota RAV4 after the goose strike incident is the Four Star Body Shop run by Loukas Pergantas. They’ve been repairing bits and pieces of my cars for about five years now, and they’ve always done a great job. And when it’s something that I’m paying for […]

Sprint. Still Fuckers After All Of These Years.

One of the most productive posts on my blog has been this Sprint-bashing post from 2005. It’s still the top Google result for “sprint fuckers” and the #2 result for “fucking sprint” and “fuck sprint”. (I should probably be using this to establish my social media SEO cred.) Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of my […]

“What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?”

Google offers some fantastic services to users of the internet, but they’re so big that we’re all small potatos to them, which is probably why they seem to avoid giving one-on-one customer service whenever possible. So when Aaron Greenspan of Think Computer Corporation had trouble getting anyone at Google to explain why they cancelled his […]

The Congress That Stole Christmas

Well, not quite, but this isn’t good. After last year’s problems with lead paint in children’s toys, Congress passed new laws to regulate the industry. Without changes to strict new safety rules…mom-and-pop toy makers and retailers could be forced to conduct testing and labeling they can’t afford, even if they use materials as benign as […]

Sallie Mae is a Nightmare

Woman of the Law has a really good rant about a customer service nightmare with Sallie Mae, her student load provider. I’m hoping the links in this post will improve her search engine score for the phrase “nightmare with Sallie Mae“. Or maybe I should link to it with the more traditional “Sallie Mae sucks,” […]

Just to Let You Know

I just threw away the 12-page manual that came with my small desk fan, including 2 pages of IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO PREVENT INJURY. So if I suddenly stop blogging, you’ll know what went wrong.

Consumer Reports Knows Nothing About Digital SLRs

I was just visiting the Consumer Reports site to look something up, and for the fun of it I decided to see what they had to say about my Nikon D200. Here’s every digital SLR camera they rated: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Canon EOS 20D That’s it. No Nikon DSLR‘s […]

Pitiful Radio Shack

I was installing new hardware in a friend’s computer today, and I discovered I needed an internal power supply cable. This is a four-wire cable with white nylon connectors at each end. I figured I could just run out to good old Radio Shack to get one. When I got there, however, the sales clerk […]

Things That Affect Your Credit Score

Fascinating article at Searchlight Crusade about the things that affect your credit score.

Thumbs Up for Precision Computer Services

My wife’s Toshiba laptop was having trouble a couple of weeks ago. Using my limited hardware knowledge, I figured the problem was some part of the communications path between the CPU and the hard drive. This could be the circuits on the hard drive, or it could be the controller on the motherboard. Either way, […]

Fucking Sprint!!!

I’ve fucking had it up to my fucking ears with those fucking fuckers at Sprint! Fuckers through and through! Fucker-coated fuckers with fucker centers! Fuck! I fucking hate those fuckers! Ahem…Sorry about that. There’s something about cellular rate plans that just pushes me over the edge… I’m about 15 months into my 2-year contract with […]