It’s a Fake!

It was produced in Area 51 by the aliens who are taking over the world by using the UN to destroy democracy in an evil plot that is being fought against by agents of the Pope who is using the Democratic Party to shift Papal agents into the United States as illegal Mexicans so he […]

That’s D-r-a-u-g-h-n

This whole Interweb thing continues to amaze me. Last night I get home and there’s a Facebook friendship invitation from a guy I knew in grade school. That was thirty years ago. My first thought, I swear, was that I must have really made an impression on him because he still knew how to spell […]

Welcome Back Roger

Movie critic Roger Ebert has a blog, and it’s a pretty good one. It’s well-written, of course, and Roger was an early adapter of a lot of computer communication technology (anybody else have fond memories of Cinemania?), so he’s clearly comfortable with the medium. I suppose he could link to other bloggers a bit more, but […]

Lammers Brings Back Some Memories

Over at CrimLaw, Ken Lammers is running a new CLTV episode about his move to a new town. The footage is kind of poor because—as he was winding down his defense practice before starting his new job as a prosecutor—someone stole his good video camera. Ken’s new job is with the Wise County prosecutor’s office, […]