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Strip Clubs and Daycare

I was skimming through an episode of Stossel on the subject of city management, particularly Cleveland city management, and at around 21:30 the chair of the Cleveland planning commission (attempting to justify her city’s bloated planning policy) says, “I’d hate to look up one day and see a strip club next to one of my day care centers.”

Curiously, she never explains why (and host John Stossel never asks). How exactly does it hurt a day care center to have a strip club next door? It’s not like strip clubs are filled with child molesters and perverts (unless you think wanting to see naked women is some kind of perversion). And even if strip clubs attract some creepy people, it’s not as if day care centers allow the kids in their care to wander the streets.

Also, you know who’d really like to have a day care center near a strip club? Strippers. Of course, it would have to have late hours…