A Little Something to Keep You In Good Cheer This Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again. I know I’m going to be too busy with Christmas to post much myself, so I want to try to amp up my stats without doing a lot of work. Last year’s sexy Miss Santa post seems to have earned me a few hits, so I’ve decided it’s […]

Hello Joe Monster Visitors

I was just looking through my site logs, and I’ve got almost a thousand hits today. However, I think some of you are being disappointed by a link to my main page. If you came here from this page at Joe Monster, then you probably want to check out this page.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

I think Miss Claus here would like you to have a Merry Christmas. The site I got this from describes it as “a sexy Mrs. Claus.” Unless Santa likes ’em really young, however, I think this must be one of his daughters, thus the “Miss” above. Careful guys, he knows when you’ve been bad. (Why […]

Reason Pillow Girl

Glenn Reynolds, while reporting that this is the sixtieth anniversary of the bikini, has decided this this is blog sweeps week. I figure I better do my part. Here’s an image of the infamous Reason magazine pillow girl in a nifty little cowgirl/bikini outfit.

More Geeky Dreams

The folks at Geek Fantasies were at E3 and made a few more videos: Geek Fantasies There’s also an outtakes reel.

By Geeks, For Geeks

I have nothing but admiration for the concept: Geek Fantasies (Hat tip: Google Blogoscoped)

Virginia Postrel Nude!

No, not really. Just trying to get your attention. Also, I’m just dying to see how many hits I get on that search topic. However, everybody’s favorite Classical Liberal Lady is asking for opinions on her new web site photos, all of which look pretty darned good. Check ’em out. UPDATE: An awful lot of […]