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Oregon Under Attack — A Modest Proposal

So far the authorities in Oregon are handling the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters pretty well. They seem to be following a low-conflict approach rather than letting their egos get in the way, so the standoff hasn’t erupted into violence. That kind of low-conflict approach had helped to end an earlier standoff near the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada, but some pundits are now arguing that the earlier soft approach is what emboldened Bundy’s sons Ammon and Ryan to take this latest action.

I’m not so sure. All they’ve done is seize an empty building in the middle of the frickin’ wilderness, which doesn’t exactly strike me as the sort of bold and decisive victory that will put The Fear of God into the hearts of jackbooted government bureaucrats. I mean, there’s nothing around it for miles:


I think the current slow and easy approach taken by law enforcement is the right idea. Some people with ideological objections have called for police to try to force them out, but that tactic has a way of ending badly. In fact, I think law enforcement should bend over backwards for these guys. Check out this picture of the MNWR headquarters building that has been occupied by the protesters:


It’s not exactly the Nakatomi tower, is it? There are a few other buildings on the site. I can’t tell from news reports if they’ve been occupied, but I’m sure wildlife refuge employees can’t use any of the buildings as long as there are armed gunmen on the premises. You can the layout in this aerial photo:


One thing that immediately stands out is that these are not large modern structures. Many of them look like storage sheds. None of the buildings look very expensive. That makes me think they would be easy to replace.

I don’t want to do anything violent like bombing the buildings, but I can’t help thinking…if the Bundy brothers and their militia want that site so much, why not let them have it?

Just walk away. Tell the militia, “Hey, we’re gonna back off a mile or two down the road. You guys take your time, have fun, and when you’re ready to leave, just walk on out to where we’re parked, and we’ll help get you out of here. Good luck and God bless!”

The police can throw up a cordon to keep the militia guys from being resupplied, and of course to arrest them as the hostage negotiating team talks them into coming out.

Meanwhile, the MNWR headquarters staff can get some help from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to quickly throw up some temporary buildings.


With police blocking anyone who tries to leave the old headquarters building, everyone who works at the refuge can report to the new building and get on with their lives, and let the Bundy militia sit around in their dingy buildings in the middle of nowhere. In the cold. Without electrical power. As their food and water run out.

The militia might try to take over the new building, but now that authorities are aware of the threat, they could easily defend it with a handful of rifle-toting deputies in foxholes and guard towers (also handily available from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers).

Of course they might just let the militia take over the new headquarters one night so that the MNWR employees can just go back to their original building. Letting the militia keep the cheap prefab buildings makes things simpler for everyone. And at that point you can pretty much just bulldoze a 10-foot berm around them and be done with it.

Orange Is the New Green

“A lot of people sit down and discuss their lives, things like are they happy, but it’s not like that with me. I don’t think positively, I don’t think negatively, I just think about the goal. But it’s not like I sit down and write goals. I just do things.”

— Donald Trump, Master Apprentice, 2005 (source).


“Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just…do things.”

— The Joker, The Dark Knight, 2008 (source).

Why I Hope Peter Schiff Gets Painful Rectal Itching

So I got this press release thingy at my blog email address:

From: Peter Schiff <[email protected]>
To: Mark Draughn
Subject: Peter Schiff on the People Threatening To Murder Him

I have no idea who Peter Schiff is, but I was curious what he did that would lead to death threats, so I read on…

While most Americans spent the last few days peacefully celebrating the holidays with their families, hundreds if not thousands of people I’ve never met threatened me with bodily harm, attacked members of my family, issued death threats, described various diseases they hope I would fall victim to, and attacked me based on my Jewish religion.

“I really dislike you and am ashamed that you breath the same air as me,” came a Facebook note from one Karen Jordan.

Not a death threat.

After expressing his wish to see my wife and I murdered, Clayton Fletcher says, “Humanity would be much better off without these two gigantic wastes of human flesh and bone breathing in part of its air supply.”

Wanting to see you murdered or deploring your existence is not the same as threatening to murder you. Not a death threat.

“You are an evil person and you are part of what is wrong with this country,” Jeff Kernen of Eugene, Oreg., wrote me.

Not a death threat.

From Portland, Oreg., Lydia Andy Bendorf wrote, “I hope you get cancer, aids, gang green, the plauge, and suffer a slow miserable lonely fate [sic].”

Hoping you get sick and die doesn’t actually make you get sick and die, so not a death threat.

Allen Bates opined, “I hope you develop psoriasis on your [expletive].”

Not a death threat.

The blogger Truth Militia wrote to me, “[Expletive] you old [expletive], shut your mouth and die like a good gentile slave! These Jews make me so [explicative] sick.”

Telling you to “die” is not a threat to murder you any more than telling you to “get lost” is a threat to kidnap you. Not a death threat.

So how did I unleash such unhinged rage?

For the rest of this commentary, please click here.

Nope. No way. I have so far resisted clicking that link. I have no idea where it goes.

I have no idea who you are, Peter Schiff, but your message got my attention by saying you had been threatened with murder, and yet not one of the six examples you provided was an actual death threat. When you mislead people this much in your teaser email, I’m not going to waste my time following your stupid links.

(Actually, curiosity will probably get the better of me. With an email like that, who knows what entertaining stupidity I’ll find…maybe I’ll get another post out of it.)

Also, Peter, when I say I hope you get painful rectal itching, I’m not actually threatening to make your ass itch. In fact, I’m not planning to go anywhere near your ass. Just wanted to clear that up.

They Certainly Are Accident-Prone

I don’t normally link to Drudge, but this report makes me wonder:

Police labor union officials asked acting Chief Christopher McGaffin this afternoon to allow a Capitol Police officer to complete his investigation into an early-morning car crash involving Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), son of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

ROLL CALL reports: According to a letter sent by Officer Greg Baird, acting chairman of the USCP FOP, the wreck took place at approximately 2:45 a.m. Thursday when Kennedy’s car, operating with its running lights turned off, narrowly missed colliding with a Capitol Police cruiser and smashed into a security barricade at First and C streets Southeast.

“The driver exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering,” Baird’s letter states. Officers approached the driver, who “declared to them he was a Congressman and was late to a vote. The House had adjourned nearly three hours before this incident. It was Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island.”

Baird wrote that Capitol Police Patrol Division units, who are trained in driving under the influence cases, were not allowed to perform basic field sobriety tests on the Congressman. Instead, two sergeants, who also responded to the accident, proceeded to confer with the Capitol Police watch commander on duty and then “ordered all of the Patrol Division Units to leave the scene and that they were taking over.”

A source tells the DRUDGE REPORT: “It was apparent that the driver was intoxicated (stumbling) and claimed he was in a hurry to make a vote.

“When it became apparent who it was, instead of processing a normal DWI, the watch commander had the Patrol units clear the scene. The commander allowed other building officials drive Kennedy home.”

This morning’s incident comes just over two weeks after Kennedy was involved in a car accident in Rhode Island.

It sounds to me like Representative Kennedy was claiming he was late for a vote in order to invoke his privileges under Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution, which says that Members of Congress are “privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same”.

If we give the Capitol Police the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they have special rules to follow when a Congressman makes such a claim? It still shouldn’t have happened, but perhaps this is business as usual rather than a special benefit for the Kennedys.